Installing Allegro 5 along with Allegro 4

Has anyone installed Allegro 5 over Allegro 4? Does one negate the other or will they both be available? I don't mean program a single program with both.

I'm wanting to graduate on to 5 but have a few things I may continue updating with 4 I didn't know it this was possible? If the files had different names or if 5 would overwrite 4 preventing any quick updates to my programs with out re installing 4.



I have installed Allegro 4 and Allegro 5 next to each other on Linux and I was able to link both into the same program. The example of my WIP project shows how you can do this using CMake for the build system. So yes, wat you want to do is possible, but keep in mind that using both A4 and A5 API in one program will be a complicated matter


Thanks for the reply. Sounds good, I'll give it a shot. I was wanting the ability to update program A with Allegro 4 but later start program B with Allegro 5. Sounds like I can in Linux. I wonder if Windows is as forgiving. Guess we will find out.

Thanks Again

Edgar Reynaldo

The libraries live in different places, and use different names. Headers for allegro5 go in allegro5/, and headers for 4 go in allegro.

There should be no problem installing both libraries at the same time. Using them both at the same time could prove problematic though.

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