Visual Studio 2017 Build Scripts

Do build scripts exist for Visual Studio 2017 for Allegro 5.2.2? If you go to and download it only includes build scripts for VS 2013 & VS 2015 for both 32-bit and 64-bit. ???


They aren't there because I don't actually use them (I'm the one who builds the windows distribution, and I use the build_nuget.cmd script for that). It's easy to make your own, here are the values you need:

64 bit:

set toolchain=-T v141_xp
set generator=-G "Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64"

32 bit:

set toolchain=-T v141_xp
set generator=-G "Visual Studio 15 2017"

And obviously change the build dir to whatever you want. I'll accept a pull request to add these.


Thanks so much for your help. I like to build my own libraries since they are going to be used in a computer lab at the College where I teach. I assume that I will have to initiate the pull request. As far as I can see 4 files would need to be added to allegro_winpkg-master\universal: build_allegro_msvc2017_32.bat, build_allegro_msvc2017_64.bat, build_deps_msvc2017_32.bat, and build_deps_msvc2017_64.bat. I have already created these files and I think everything else will remain the same although I haven't actually tried to build everything yet. Would I just be supplying these 4 new files or would I have to supply the entire allegro_winpkg-master package? Thanks again for your help.


Yeah, just the 4 new files will be fine (ideally in a pull request, which is easiest for me, but any way will work as well).

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