Allfont, fblend, aastr

I need to install allfont, fblend, aastr, I´m using allegro 4 in windows 10. Where I can download de libs and how to install in codeblock.


J. Antonio

Mark Oates

man, those are old school libs.

Hopefully those work? :)

Edgar Reynaldo

You'll probably have to build them all yourself once you find the source code, because the binaries will have been made by different versions of MinGW or whatever.


If by chance you're new to Allegro - and especially if your development platform is Windows 10 - you'll find your life a lot easier learning Allegro 5. You'll probably find it can do much of what you wanted fblend, alfont and aastr to do.

If however you're trying to build an older Allegro app, by all means go ahead- just be aware that various compatibility issues will have you taking a rocky path. ;)


Yes, for new development you should definitely use Allegro 5. As for old Allegro 4 projects, consider upgrading them to Allegro 5 as well. Allegro 4 is imho obsolete.

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