Private Server Hosting Options 2017

My dedicated server host ( has apparently been bought out and are closing the data center that my server is in. :( I have until October 1st to find a new server that I can afford and get everything I need off of my existing server (and do my best to wipe it remotely).

I'm not really sure what good hosting options are available for a personal use server these days. I currently pay about $30/mo IIRC. Since I'm not making any money from the server I don't want it to cost too much. It's mostly for convenience, with minimal service needs, though I do like having the potential to host services if the ambition arises.

I think I'd prefer a dedicated server again if I can afford one, but I'm open to "cloud" suggestions. I'm going to want to be running a *nix so Windows-only options need not be mentioned (though I doubt they'd be affordable anyway).

My hardware needs are pretty minimal. Ideally I'd like 50+ GB of storage (I think my current server has about 80 GB), and at least 500 MB of RAM. Processor speed isn't overly important. Ideally it would have decent upload and download rates and a reasonably high data cap (like 500 GB or 1 TB per month would probably be plenty). Lower bandwidth options will probably suffice for the time being too though.

I've had a bad experience in the past with support from 1&1 so I'll probably avoid them. Ideally whatever host I do find will have decent support services for when things go wrong. In the past CoreNetworks would usually respond to an email support request within 5 minutes, and were always very accommodating and pleasant to deal with.

Who are your favorite hosts?

Chris Katko

The minimum tier Amazon is free for the first year as long as you don't hit their limits. (Can't remember if it pauses, or charges you.)

It's worth giving it a shot to see if you like it or not. I ran my website for free for a year on it. =D

Technically, it would be cheaper to run a website through a dedicated website host instead of a full virtual server. I'm not sure if Amazon does that though. I liked having a full ssh box to play around with any programs I wanted.


Yeah, I'm not only looking for a Web host. As I said, I haven't updated my Web site in years, and it doesn't have any meaningful content. I mostly do development experiments on the server, and run various *nix tools there in multiplexers: irssi and mutt and various shells. Some day I'd like to eventually get some Web applications running as well, but I rarely find the time to work on them. Full SSH access with the freedom to do as I please with the box (real or virtual) is important to me.

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