Solar eclipse
Arthur Kalliokoski

I'm in North Carolina, and about 200 miles away from the path of totality for todays solar eclipse. The forecasts for anything reasonably close to me were partly cloudy at best, so I didn't even make the attempt at going.

But I woke up from the night shift about 2:45 pm this afternoon, and I was startled for a bit about how dark it was. "Jeez, it must be a hell of a thundercloud to make it this dark... HOLY CARP, THE ECLIPSE!"

I ran outside to a mostly sunny day (here) but the light had a weird quality, as if it was a bright artificial light instead of sunshine. I ran back inside to grab my binoculars and phone, projected the images onto the hood of my white car and posted a pic here for your amusement.

Well, darn, I can't get "Attach files" to do anything, and there isn't any "Formatting help" button any more, but here's a url on the web.


And in the world of Android, the moon was replaced with Oreo.


There wasn't really any eclipse here because it was cloudy, but I took a picture out of the office window at the point when the sun would have been obscured the most. And it was a very unusual sight since normally there are no people out on the street in this district of Columbus...



It was cloudy here too, but that was convenient as I could observe the eclipse unaided through the clouds:


Mark Oates

These are pictures from my work we took during the Solar Eclipse:

Here's one where you can see me:


But yea! The thing I noticed the most was like you said, an artificial lighting. It was almost like everything was more gray, or the dynamic range had been reduced (lighter darks, darker lights), but different than anything else I had seen. Was pretty neat :)


It wasn't too bad up here in Ontario, Canada. We got about 75% coverage from what I seen.

I pulled out my old binoculars and projected the image onto some paper I had (a binder) and it looked really good.

It was a bright sunny day out, clear skies. When it was darkened a tiny bit, it was almost like more of an amber light, not terribly dark, just... noticeably dimmer.

This is a picture that was taken not far from where I live by someone else and shows what I seen as well in my projection. I called it a Pacman sun. ;D


I have more fun showing my neighbours who came over to check out what I was looking at and talking with them. Some guys cross the street from me who work in a car garage brought out their welding mask and were passing it around to check it out which I got a kick out of. We need more things like this to bring people out of their houses and talking to each other.

Specter Phoenix

I didn't bother with it. The moon passing between the earth and sun to block the light for a few minutes. Nothing impressive to me since, with my size, I can achieve the same effect simply by getting between my wife and a lamp. No worry about damaging my eyes either.

Edgar Reynaldo

Oh well, it's only one of the most impressive astronomical sights there are.

Me I'm waiting for a supernova; yeah!

But the eclipse was pretty good.

I got a pic, but it's still on the memory card. Maybe later tonight I'll upload it.


Having an H-Aplha solar filter and not having the chance to use it ::):-X


Specter Phoenix... you must be a lot of fun at parties.

Edgar Reynaldo

Not the best ever, but its somethin'.

Original unfiltered image :

With levels adjusted :

Specter Phoenix
Neil Roy said:

Specter Phoenix... you must be a lot of fun at parties.

Something else I don't bother with. My time is spent entirely on taking care of wife and son. For example, changing the gauze around his trach, cutting his hear (shaving it all off), and giving him a bath takes a little more than 2 hours.


Those pictures make me wonder why the sun and moon have the exact same size...

Eric Johnson

Great shots Edgar!

Edgar Reynaldo

My friend Andrew got some way better pics of the eclipse with the corona and everything else too.

I donb't know if this link works, but try it :

You may have to be logged in to face book to view it.

Eric Johnson
Facebook said:

The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you're not in.

No dice. :(

Edgar Reynaldo


Eric Johnson

Wow! :o Your friend Andrew took some great pictures!

Edgar Reynaldo

He mentioned they're composite images, due to the different light levels necessary to get the different parts of the corona exposed properly.

Ben Delacob

You can't do this with your shadow Specter (the effect with the trees, not just standing there):


Specter Phoenix

Yeah, I couldn't do that with my shadow because that shadow is way thinner than my shadow.

Edgar Reynaldo

Specter, your shadow is a mere ghost of its former self.

See what I did there?


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