Remote access for Allegro library devs?
Chris Katko

Not sure if useful or not, but would it be helpful to the current Allegro 5 maintainers to have RDP access to machines running alternative OS versions?

That is, if the devs only have Windows machines, we could spin up a Linux VM for them to test on. And likewise, for Mac OS X and Linux.

I don't know if that's really benefical or not. But if the "only" reason the devs can't solve issues is they don't have that OS to tinker with, it seems like we could figure out some sort of hosting. (Or just install a VM on your own machine!!! :P )

Probably pointless. Just popped into my head.

Eric Johnson

Or just install a VM on your own machine!!! :P

This seems like the easiest and most straightforward solution. Hosting would be overkill. Seriously, it's super easy to set up another OS using VMware Player or the like.

Arthur Kalliokoski

I've tried to play various Windows games in Virtual Box and Oracle to avoid rebooting, about half the time the game fails miserably. It doesn't bode well for testing.


I developed several times using vm and it is not great. For me, hosted Windows and OSX would be great. Ok, testing joysticks might be a bit hard, but still, if the connection is not too slow, it would be better than a VM.


There's no replacement for real hardware. I tried to develop Allegro for OSX in a VM, and it just did not compare to the real thing. I had bugs which were VM only, and vice versa. From my POV, VMs are only good for testing compilation and the very basic features (maybe keyboard handling?).

I tried to develop OSX via VNC, but that wasn't as good as the real thing either for various reasons. It's better than nothing, I suppose.

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