Great videos on performance programming in x86/x64!

I found this guy on Youtube and he has some nice series on programming Assembly as well as other languages like Python etc. These two videos really stood out for me as he describes how the CPU uses caches and how you can organize your data to really speed up your programs.

He mostly uses C++ examples and you can see the difference. It's quite educational and I will be keeping some of these ideas in mind. He's worth subscribing to anyhow.

Performance x64: Caches 1


Performance x64: Cache 2 Cache Blocking



That's cool, I learned something!


Yeah, he has quite a few really good videos, worth subscribing to. Been enjoying his new X64 machine language series.

I was really amazed at these two videos though, where he starts out with the example taking 13 seconds and by the end of the second video, just a little re-organizing of his code and it ends up taking 1 second, that's an amazing difference!

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