D-FENDER : Prototype , TowerDefense Platformer

Here is a more advanced prototype of my game :



Some features added :

- Level & Enemy wave defined in a JSON file.
- GameState & Menu + Customisable GUI (Possible to change skin in realtime).
- GamePad configuration.
- Specific skill for each player (Sniper, Atomiser, ...).
- Players get damage by enemies if they touch them.
- Other things I forgot.

Some problems persist :

- when I use Vsync, I have a little lag,
- when I use Allegro5 timer method for fps limitation, I have screen tearing/stuttering.
- When I use Allegro5 Joystick input, there are disturbing lag whatever the method I do (event or read joystate directly).

But overall the game run fine ;).

Eric Johnson

D-FENDER looks like a lot of fun! I know my brother especially would enjoy playing it (he's a big fan of tower defense games). :D

When will the game be available for the public to try out?

Neil Roy

Looks good, nice job!


Thanks ^^.

I need to make a more userfriendly menu especially for the controller setting.
Anyway, thank you for your interest.

Here is a more long video I record with other players(my family), I think it's a good overview of the :


Some artworks :

Neil Roy

Nice. By the way, if you use square brackets around Youtube links, it will show the video in your message

You type this...

It will show up like this...


Edit: Just checked that video out, that gets crazy near the end! Nice idea for a game.


Oh, thanks for the tips :)
Yeah, it's near the end, but it more complicate to polish a game even a playable demo for simple user.

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