best method for fake 3d city enviroment level

Hi! I don't think in any way that there is one exact solution to this programming problem I'm having. You see I'm making a Robotech "fake 3d" "2.5d" FPS fan game and it has occurred to me In order to add a level in which the environment is not space but an actual city then I probably need an idea that would enable me to make buildings that not only have depth but have shape. Like a Cube would be your stereotypical city building shape. Now I could simply use sprites or even pre rendered sprites from fragmotion 3d modeler BUT I'm nervous if the shape, not the depth, is going to look downright FLAT. Therefore being a rather unattractive fake 3d level. I would like the player to see different sides of a cube like in Wolfenstein 3d. Do I have to use Raycasting though? is there other ways? like how would I use al_draw_line to draw a moving 3d cube then texture it because I saw a youtube video about that. If anyone has experience with this type of rasterization/fake 3d drawing please do give me some tips/advice.


-This game is for myself for now, I don't want to deal with harmony gold deleting my work because my game has there product;)

-The game is going to be basic and will grow from there. arcade like gameplay with basic score keeping and a short space combat level kinda like wing commander, then a city level, only sound will be music for I will only be focusing on coding the fake 3d stuff for now

-I don't want to change my sprite to third person, FP all the way! I drew with a mouse the cockpit sprite from scratch

-I'm using the painters algorithm

-youtube video:

-I could use opengl, but I love old 2.5d way to much due to 90s nostalgia. Also I prefer to solve my programming issues with hacks like dividing by Z and so on instead of learning a whole new 3D API. And I make sprites faster than modeling in a 3d modeler, which is another reason why I like fake 3d so much is that it works great with sprites. So I don't want to use opengl.

Replies are still welcome but I found this link which is in a different language but might help.;D
and this to!:

Arthur Kalliokoski

All the old '90's 2.5d stuff used some sort of ray-casting for the easy-to-render walls and buildings etc. Sprites were reserved for irregularly shaped objects that ray casting would have serious trouble with, such as monsters or explosions.


ok then, I'll try coding a raycast engine then. I was going to make simple textured cubes though by using the two links and perhaps other source material. everything else I need I already have/know how to exactly implement. Raycasting may be better though...

EDIT few hours later:

is there a way I can use opengl commands to draw textured cubes but still be able to use normal allegro 5 drawing commands at the same time with ease? I don't want to draw my sprites with opengl just the cubes perhaps. it would save me time while keeping most of the project that nostalgic feel.

Arthur Kalliokoski

allegro-xxx/examples/ex_gldepth.c has a cube and a pyramid, you might study those.
The cube only has a texture on one side, but that's a mere detail.


Thanks. just to make this post worth reading for others, is there a command in allegro 5 that would skew or shear an image?????


In allegro 5.2.x you can use the primitives add-on to do real 3d if you set the camera correctly. It can also be used to map a bitmap to a triangle allowing you to shear it. Look at ex_camera.C. or use transformations

Edgar Reynaldo
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