Problrms using dcraw
Bob Keane

I'm playing with camera drivers. I copied something from the web (attached) and was able to compile. when I run it, I get a bunch of .raw files so it seems to work. However, when I run a frame through dcraw, I get cannot decode errors. I'm probably doing something wrong with dcraw, but I want to check the camera program. Can someone compile and test it please? Thanks.


I have no idea what this program is supposed to do or how to use it. If you can offer instructions for how to run it and what it should do that might help. And if it needs particular hardware/drivers to work, or specific inputs, that would help as well.

Bob Keane

I should have been a little specific about the program. It is supposed to be a camera driver. You run it from the command line using the ./camera command. It activates your camera, takes pictures, writes them as "frame-n.raw" then shuts off the camera. No specific hardware or software required. I should mention, the frames are not in readable form. They have to be processed which is why I am using dcraw. Basically, I'm hoping someone with dcraw or something similar can test the program to see if generates a usable image.

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