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Following the motto 'better late than never': I finally got around to adding the special award for entries that managed to stay under 400k for TINS 2016. All entry review pages will show up with an icon indicating that you met the challenge. I've also added icons for getting 1st place in a category.


Feedback is welcome. This is just one of the many improvements I wanted to make to the TINS site. Hopefully I'll find the time to do a few more of them in the coming months.

By the way, here is to remind you that TINS 2017 will be held between Oct 20-23 this year. Register now if you haven't already!

Eric Johnson

I remember asking about the badges in late June of last year...

Eric said:

By the way, will the entries page be updated with the "virtual honour badge" as described by the rules page?

Amarillion said:

Yes, I'm working on a small update to the site for the badge. Stay tuned!


Indeed, better late than never. ;D I like them! They look nice. Well done!

Bruce Perry

Excellent. I'm glad to see that, if I hadn't included two Windows executables and the full complement of Allegro DLLs in my entry, I still wouldn't have qualified for the 400 kB award - so I didn't shoot myself in the foot by helping my users ;D


How would you feel about going down to the original speedhack limit of 250kb?

I feel that 400kb is fairly easy to achieve if you don't go overboard with graphics and uncompressed sound. 250kb is a real challenge, basically you'd have to do very low res or make everything procedurally generated.

(Of course the binary is not included in the limit, just the source code)

Eric Johnson

How would you feel about going down to the original speedhack limit of 250kb?

I definitely think it's doable, and I think it'd make for a fun challenge.


Beautiful. :)

But I've revised my entries and I find none of them has "400kb RETRO" badge. IIRC the early ones should have it, right? ??? Haven't time now but I'll try to revise them later.


So far I've only done the badges for 2016. For earlier years, 400k was a hard limit so there is no point in giving out special badges! I could add the various '1st place' badges for earlier years though.

Gideon Weems

That's spiffy. The badge looks nice, too.


So far I've only done the badges for 2016.

Ok then. I thougth it was something you scripted. No problem.

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