A4/Ubuntu - no sound
Frank Drebin

Hi guys,

so I compiled/installed allegro 4.4.2 from source in Ubuntu and everything works fine except the sound even though install_sound(DIGI_AUTODETECT,0,0) returns 0. I searched the forums and it seems that this is a well known bug probably related to the jack audio module used by Ubuntu instead of the alsa module. I tried everything I could find but nothing worked so far.

However, then I installed the prebuild Ubuntu package of allegro 4.4.2 and the sound worked just fine. So it seems that there is some way to compile/install it and get it working. Does anyone have an idea what's the trick here?

(And yes, I still want to build allegro by myself instead of using the package ;))


May be you forgot to install dev versions for any of the sound libraries so CMAKE deactivates it (using a null driver?). Check it using aptitude or synapse (I recommend the later).

Frank Drebin

Thanks Niunio, I installed libasound2-dev and then the sound works. However, no I'm running into another (probably well known) problem: The sound works when allegro is build with shared libs but the sound doesn't work when allegro is build statically. Do you have another hint?


Do you have another hint?

I don't know but may be when linking statically it tries to link sound too or something. ???

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