Problem downloading file in the project's files screen (control centre)
Andrei Ellman

In the "control center / The Depot / Project List / <projectname> / Files" screen, if I click on the name of a file (in the "Name" column) (which points to the copy of the file stored on the website), I download a file with the filename, but the file is 0 bytes. However, in the URL column, if I click on "Yes" (which points to the original source of the file), I download the file with the same name, and it downloads correctly. Also, in the "Depot / <projectname>" page, the file also downloads correctly (here, the URL points to a file on

While on the topic of files in the depot, a suggestion that I have is that currently, in the depot, if you want to replace a file with a file with a different filename (people who name their files after the version will always give their files a different filename), you have to delete the old file and then add the new filename. This has the habit of deleting the download-stats for the old file. So it would be nice if you could upload a file with a different filename, and that file would take on the identity of the old file. Alternatively, it should be possible to view the download-stats of files that have been deleted from the project.

And finally, In the In the "control center / The Depot / Project List / <projectname>" screen, it would be nice to have a link to the project's page in the depot.


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