A4/Ubuntu - No title bar in windowed mode
Frank Drebin

Hi guys,

I recently encountered some strange behaviour using allegro 4.4.2 on Ubuntu: When setting a windowed mode with a resolution of 640x480 the window appears as it should having a title bar:


However, if the window is created with a resolution of 1280x960 there is no title bar and the window cannot be moved.


BTW: set_gfx_mode() returns 0 in both cases.

Do you have any ideas how to fix that?


If the window height is similar to your desktop height, the window manager aligns it to the top trying to ensure it will show all the content.

Try this: click on the application icon with mouse right button (to show the window system menu), select "move window", then use cursor keys to move it down. Does it show the title bar?

Eric Johnson

I agree with what Niunio said.

Try this: press the Windows icon and the "S" key at the same time to bring up all of the work-spaces at once. From there, click and drag the bigger window around and see if it's really missing a title bar or not.

Frank Drebin

Both of you were right ;D ! When I move the window to another workspace the title bar becomes visible. It is just hidden underneath Ubuntus' task bar by default.

Still I am wondering if this can be changed?

Eric Johnson

You could try to set the starting position of the display window closer to the bottom of the screen, so the top bar would be visible, but I don't know if this can be done in Allegro 4 (it can in Allegro 5).

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