Fox is running a new Star Trek parody TV show starring... Seth McFarland?!
Chris Katko

Seth McFarland is starring in a new live action Star Trek parody show on Fox...


The trailer kind of looks cliche... but knowing Seth's previous works ala Ted and Million Ways to Die in the West, I'm not convinced it will suck.

It's about time we had another parody of Star Trek ala Galaxy Quest.

... What I don't get is, the directing looks like... a movie. But... it's a TV show? So is it like a miniseries or something? It doesn't look "episodic" at all from the trailer.

[edit] They got the director from IRON MAN 1/2?! FOX WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Has the entire board of directors been replaced with a random number generator? I still can't tell if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Bruce Perry

I'm up for that if it's a film :) A series might be too much of a time sink... I haven't watched any of the actual Star Trek episodes I have on DVD for ages, and I'm still on the first season of the original series...


I assumed surely this must be a joke, but MacFarlane's Wikipedia page says he created it. So I guess it's real. And it sounds awesome even before I watch the trailer. I just hope they let him make it great and don't ruin it on him like so many other series' they've butchered...


Now that I've watched the trailer I'm definitely excited for it. I think that being a comedy opens them up to a lot of experimentation that a more serious show cannot easily get away with. One big fuck up in Star Trek and the series could lose its credibility and immersion. A MacFarlane-style comedy can break immersion over and over again and just keep going. As long as you've laughed a few times it can get away with almost anything. And nobody will be upset if the science is complete bullshit. That might even be better.

One thing I'll note is that this won't make me resubscribe to cable so I hope they'll release this on Netflix sooner than later.

I agree, the trailer looks like a movie. However, maybe that's just the pilot episode. Or it's just the lighting/directing style giving us that illusion. I mean, practically the only difference between a movie and a TV show is the length and story arc. So for a film to "look" different it has to be just standard lighting and directing strategies to make it stand out differently. MacFarlane may well be intentionally making it appear as a movie to enhance the spoof of the series.


I'm guessing Fox is not watchable over the air where you live, bam? Well, there's a chance even if you could, you may need a DVR to watch all of it if it comes on at a bad time.

Bob Keane

Sounds interesting. If he does as well as he did with the Star Wars Trilogy, I am already a fan. I did not see A Million Way To Die In The West, but I heard it was not good.

Chris Katko

A million ways to die in the west is hilarious.

Neil Black

This looks hilarious, I can't wait for it to come out.

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