Looking to decode .raw files
Bob Keane

I'm trying to write a linux camera driver. I found a sample program that reads and writes to the drive in .raw format. I'm looking for a program that decodes the file to either jpg or mpeg format. I found Dcraw but get errors when compiling. Anyone know another open source decoder I can use?

Aaron Bolyard

Do you need a program or a library? ImageMagick can probably convert them.

What distro are you using? Ubuntu has dcraw in its repo.

Bob Keane

I believe I need the program. I am hoping to write my on version of Skype and may need it for distro. I am using Ubuntu gnome (yakkety).

<update> I tried installing Dcraw, from this site, but ran into an old problem. Some ofthe depositories are not available for yakkety. I guess I'll be swapping Ubuntu versions.

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