Boot Manage Missing

I have a pc computer with 2 hard drives. One has the boot manager. Every now and then, when the computer is rebooted, I get a "Boot manager missing" error asking to Ctrl+alt+del.

Usually, when you do reboot the system loads properly. Sometimes, it takes 5 or 6 reboots. Or I'll go to system setting and reset hard-drive 1 as primary boot device (which it was already set).

Any suggestions on what might be the problem?


Sounds like ... bad CMOS/BIOS. No clue though. As a workaround, you could try install another boot loader on the second hard drive that has a boot entry for the first! :D Problem worked around!


If what bam says to do actually fixes the problem, then you might have a dying drive.

Gideon Weems

I second bam's implication that detection order might have something to do with this. Power delivery is another possibility. Try reducing load by unplugging components. Also, rule out PSU issues by plugging directly into the nearest nuclear power plant.

Are you able to produce the "boot manager missing" error, even when the hard drive with no boot manager is disconnected?



So, it seems the hard drive is failing. It's getting worse. System disk errors. Windows recovery program can usually fix and boot again.

This last time it took many tries, many recovery fails. I think it was a miracle it booted the last time. Windows 10 says there are hard disk errors and wants to reboot to fix, but I'm afraid to reboot again.

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