Matthew Leverton

At the day job, we made a little game for USA Network to promote one of their shows:

Team Ninja Warrior Run

If you don't like it, blame Elias. >:(


Eric Johnson

The blue-shirt guy and bald guy are missing a pixel on their ear before they lift their left hand on the character selection screen. 0/10 >:(

It's a neat little game. I scored 7,290. :P Does the game go on forever like an endless runner?

Matthew Leverton

It is indeed an endless runner. :-[

Eric Johnson

Endless runners are pretty interesting, I find. I wonder how far one could run before the game eats up all of their memory though.


In truth the player does never change position at all but only the platforms do - and every platform that scrolls out to the left scrolls back in at the right (with different length and position)... so the "endless" part doesn't really eat any memory :)

Eric Johnson

Clever! :o

Elias said:

In truth the player does never change position

Here's the weirdness of English in play again. It sounds wrong to say "does never change" instead of "never does change." The weird part is that never is just a compound word formed from not ever, and it does sound ok to say "does not ever change," and even better with "doesn't ever change."

Yay English!


Indeed. I could just have said "In truth the player never changes position." but wanted to add some emphasis by using "does change" instead of "change"... and put it at the wrong spot. I blame my work place - one of my coworkers was born in Angola and speaks native Portuguese and another in Egypt and speaks native Arabic.

I don't blame my own native German because that would have a completely different word order: "In Wirklichkeit kann der Spieler nie die Position verändern." -> "In truth can the player never the position change." :)


I feel like I have to censor my commentary because of the public affiliation and business model. >:( Fun.

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