Forum images don't work
Eric Johnson

I've noticed recently that image tags don't seem to work in posts.

Observe the following:

<img src="" />

That produces this:


Now, on my end, the above does not produce an image; it just shows the full URI of the image in plain text. Is it just my browser? Is it the forums? Or am I doing something wrong? ???

Johan Halmén

Use http, not https.

Eric Johnson

Why would the protocol make a difference?

Here's the image uploaded elsewhere not in HTTPS:

That didn't work either.


It's the site. Uploading attachments isn't working right now either.

Johan Halmén

Usually when I upload here an attachment and then drag the attachment link to the message window, the url will contain https. And the result is an image not showing. Then I change https to http and it works. Let's see...

Ok, not working at all, as Len said.

Eric Johnson

Does Matthew Leverton know?

Gideon Weems

Who broke it?

Eric Johnson

Not it. :-X


Sounds like Johan broke it. >:(


Johan broke Leverton ??


Johan Halmén

Sorry, guys. And sorry, Matthew, wherever you are.



Matthew Leverton

Works for me. ???

Eric Johnson

Huh, that's bizarre... now images work. I even had an issue changing avatars before, but now that seems to work, too. :o


It's not weird because ML fixed it. ;)

Eric Johnson

More like he un-broke it. >:(


Probably true.


Works for me.

Typical Matthew. Spend 24 hours of frantic fixing, then come here and pretend there was no problem :P

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