Your thoughts on A.I.

What are your thoughts?

Do you think this is just another way for government to develop a profiling system everyone?

Do you think think human like A.I. is possible through nonliving things such as computers?

Mark Oates

Do you think this is just another way for government to develop a profiling system everyone?

I don't know why people are so afraid of the government for stuff like this. Private companies are more likely to abuse these things.


I do believe human-like AI is possible using non-organic electrical circuits, but I think that they'll be extremely complex and probably large and I suspect that we'll start building computers out of organic tissue in the future to make it smaller. Maybe that's just ST:VOY talking, but I think it makes sense given our own capacity (though perhaps that would sacrifice precision and so a balance would be needed to improve upon our own limitations).

I personally believe that there is nothing "magical" about life and a human being could be artificial created, albeit, it's probably far too complicated for a group of humans to comprehend without artificial help. I don't think we're anywhere near that level of complexity either. I do think it is a theoretical possibility.

I'm generally optimistic about the futures of AI. My main concerns are to do with privacy, which governments have completely failed to address, and both governments and corporations are amassing insane amounts of information about all of us. I don't believe this is in humanity's best interests, and I think it is a violation of human rights.

Specter Phoenix


Gideon Weems

I wonder how long we'll have to wait to start bitching and arguing about "robot rights" in Off Topic.

Eric Johnson

"Robot rights" is a topic somewhat explored in Fallout 4. That was a cool game (but New Vegas was better ::)).


ST:TNG already explored "android" rights I think. ST:VOY took it one step closer and explored "hologram" rights. It's been done people. :P Ultimately, if they ever become sentient beings they'll probably deserve rights, but until then it's probably fair to say they're just emotionless machine and we can rape them all we want! :D I mean, we can ask them politely to do the laundry. :-X


If AI can resolve version incompatibilities, dependency problems, and manage build systems, I'm all for it. >:(

Gideon Weems

Authentic intelligence can't even do that, much less the artificial variety.

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