Looking for someone to help with the wiki!
Thomas Fjellstrom

Hiya, guys.

I seem to have less time available as of late, and haven't been able to get around to finishing the new Mediawiki Session plugin to integrate with allegro.cc's SingleSignOn api.

If someone is willing to help with it, I'd greatly appreciate it!

Rodolfo Lam

My web skills are lacking, but still, I'll bump this thread back to the top. Someone with the required knowledge will eventually see it.


I haven't touched PHP or MySQL since college, but otherwise have the required skills to probably help. :-/ My understanding is that things are currently in flux and broken. How much time do you estimate is required to get things fixed?

Thomas Fjellstrom

The only real issue is that MediaWiki changed its authentication and session handling again between updates. Soooo, it needs a new session plugin to communicate with allegro.cc's SSO.


Is there a lot of custom code for the wiki? And is it possible to clone the existing setup for testing on a dev box? I have yet to deal with SSO, but it's something I'm happy to learn. I don't know anything about the session plugins for MediaWiki or PHP in general, but given time to research and experiment I should be able to figure something out. It's best if I can setup the system on my own server (or an existing dev/test server) so that I can mess with it without screwing up the existing setup. Like I said, I can't commit to a timeline, but if I have it in front of me I will try to find time to work on it. Worst case I fail and it's no worse off than it is. :)

Thomas Fjellstrom

There's no custom code that works at the moment. The only thing is a hacked up bit of plugin code to connect media wiki to allegro.cc's single-sign-on authentication.

Some bits of it might be re-usable, but not really. You might be better off starting from scratch. I looked at the MediaWiki docs on the new plugin structure, and it seems the best option is to write a Session plugin, rather than an authentication plugin.

I'm not sure I have the documentation for the sso anymore, perhaps ask Matthew for them?

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