StarCraft Remastered
Neil Roy


Funny, I was thinking of redoing one of my old Allegro games with the same idea. A "Remastered" version, just for fun.

Chris Katko

I just mentioned to my friends / family the same thing! It's supposed to include LAN support too. And of course, more important than "4K" to me (and I have a 4K display) is proper widescreen support. (Did you look at the screenshots? In 4K [edit]SOME of the[/edit] original 3-D models look kind of... cheap.)

ALSO, the ORIGINAL starcraft / broodwar "anthology" set is supposed to be FREE. They're basically applying one last patch 1.18, and giving Starcraft 1 away! Granted, I've already bought it at least twice...

I have some mixed feelings though. One the plus side, it's amazing to see a big company update their previous product. (Who knows the price it'll be though...) However, one also should wonder why so many people want to play the FIRST one when the sequel is out? Doesn't that kind of imply the sequel doesn't meet people's expectations and perferences? (It sure didn't for me! The campaign was fine but the multiplayer felt like they were given you a tiny subset of units that they'd later CHARGE YOU to get that feeling of an exhaustive army. )


People love nostalgia. It was bound to happen at some point regardless of the quality of SC2 I think. There have been a lot of "Remasters" done lately.


Looks awesome. I wanna play it, I'm a big fan of SC, playing latest of course. But come on, the targeted age is so much younger now, and that makes it so much less of a melancholy.. :(

Also that war on smokes.. People smoke on a war. I don't smoke, I hate the smell. But it wastes the realism of the thing by removing the smokes from it.

Neil Roy

I loved the original. While the campaign in the sequel was fun, I never ended up buying it. The multiplayer didn't look that great. It just has a different feel to it than the original. I can't explain it.

Did you look at the screenshots?

Yeah, I seen the screenshots, they look amazing! I'm like you, I bought the game a couple times over now I think. I think the level editing for the original and actually being able to create your own scenarios and missions was awesome.

Steve Terry

I'll still get zerg rushed and die within 30 seconds :-/


I'll still get zerg rushed and die within 30 seconds :-/

;D pretty much sums up my very experience with multiplayer in the original Starcraft. I still liked the campaign but never got around to finish the last Protoss mission.


I don't get how to access this stuff?
Is it a standalone game, or a patch?
Or is it to be a standalone game, or is it available now?
Seems like not a word about it on that page.


The trailer says summer release.




The remastered version comes out in a few months. The 1.18 patch to BW that was going to make the game free was supposed to have rolled on Friday but has been pushed back a week or so.

There is a version playable on the PTR which can be found here.

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