Five Days
Gideon Weems

We have five days before the most recent news item becomes one year old! Quick, somebody make some news.

Eric Johnson

Someone should make a news post about the upcoming Easter Hack. Who can post to the front-page news anyway?


You can submit news for the front post, but Matt needs to approve it.


If I remember correctly, I sent the announcement of Allegro.pas 5.2.alpha some time ago. I think Matt is busy. ::)

May be Allegro developers team should do something. Don't read it wrong: Matt did a great job and I'm sure all the allegroids thanks it a lot, but may be he needs help or something.

Matthew Leverton

I should probably approve things once in a while.


He's back! And alive! Quickly, throw all of your support requests at him before he's go... Shit!


I can't believe my eyes, but yes, he's back >:(

Edgar Reynaldo

I should probably approve things once in a while.

Nice to see the master blaster hasn't totally forgotten us. Can't you delegate responsibility or something? You know, like a dictator should.


Well no, because then that person could change the thread lock threshold, and we wouldn't want that to happen >:(.

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