Got my new CPU cooler in today...
Chris Katko


What do you think? ... Too big?

p.s. You probably think this is a joke.

Eric Johnson

... Really...? :o


That's a car cooler.
I'm waiting for what you're going to do with it.

Chris Katko

I'm going to use it to water cool my computer.

And, the best part. It only cost like $35 shipped.


I'm going to use it to water cool my computer.

What are you using for air flow through the radiator?

Chris Katko


Eric Johnson

Potential silliness aside, does your CPU even get hot enough to need additional cooling? Mine's just got the stock cooler and its temps are never an issue. Even on the rare occasion when I OC the CPU, it still doesn't get too hot. Now, my GPU is another story... never any issues normally, but when I tried OC it, it was just too hot at that point.


I think he's trolling. Or running a blade server cupboard.

Chris Katko

I'm not trolling. But I'm waiting on a couple parts before I post any more details and pictures. I'm quite certain it'll work. I've got a degree in Mechanical Engineering and took classes where I had to DESIGN radiators and pump systems. I think I can handle this.

I'm just so excited I had to share it. ;D

Gideon Weems

Does the surprise twist have to do with the phrase CPU? Are we talking about something that was made by AMD or Intel? Is this CPU part of a PC? An automobile? Something else?

Questions abound.


Well, I'm excited to see.. What will you be overclocking?

And a semi-related topic: what do you guys think about new AMD's CPUs?
I think this is finally gonna move us forward after stalled progress for about six years.

Bob Keane

Is this part of your system?
And will you be programming in D? I think we should all mourn the loss of our dear friend Chris Katko.


I second Bob, particularly after you said "- NO FIXED OVERCLOCK LIMIT. It'll actually scale to your heatsink setup " ;D


Flaw in your plan is the amount of electricity you will bee to run a pump big enough to move water through that this. only way to get around that is to use gravity some how because heat rises i think. well hot gas will not sure about hot liquid


Oh, if he buys an AMD chip, that explains.. ;D

If it's an AMD, i'd suggest this pump, or something of the kind.

I would also suggest some turbo prop fan to cool the radiator, but I can't seem to find one for sale without a plane.. So you may have to settle with this. As an engineer I'm sure you'll figure how to put it all together..

Or.. Maybe Intel?
I guess then this one will do.

Chris Katko

I'm not buying a Ryzen yet, that's out of my budget and as I said I want to see what Ryzen generation v1.5 ends up being. (You know, how CPUs have later, faster releases after the first models of the generation hits.)

It's more of "I always wanted to try this" then a serious practical need. However, when I do upgrade to a Ryzen, all I'll have to do is buy the appropriate CPU block adapter.

It's going on my current AMD-FX 8370 which had a TDP of 150 watts. I've also got a GTX 1060 but it's pretty damn cool 99.9% of the time (even running 0 RPM often).

piccolo said:

Flaw in your plan is the amount of electricity you will bee to run a pump big enough to move water through that this.

Only depends on the restriction's head loss and desired flow rate. One thing people often forget is that any wattage the pump takes will be added into the fluid medium and increase the required radiator size.

Sadly, the biggest "issue" is that I couldn't find a cheap CPU block with a hose size inner diameter above 3/8". I was hoping for at least 1/2". I may CNC a custom heat block in the future for the Ryzen setup since the radiator has whopping 1-1/4" hoses.

[edit] Also, annoyingly, I had to pay out for adapters to get down to 3/8". I found "cheap" ones for $20 for two, but it's still kind of crazy to think I paid 20 for adapters and... 35... for the whole damn radiator.


Hmm, those adapters weren't quite the 3/8" they said they were...


I imagine I can braze a 3/8 NPT fitting in there. But I wonder if there's a re-usable solution that will allow me to go up in hose size later without replacing those same adapters. Either yet another size adapter, or some sort of threaded setup.

DOH, I was up too late when I ordered them. They go to 3/4, not 3/8. Damn you useless Imperial measurement system.


The can of cola could also speed it up too! ;D


I've always used coca cola for cleaning the thermal grease from my processors. A can of coke a day keeps the overheating away!

Chris Katko

So I dropped another $20 on eBay for 3/4 to 3/8 adapters.

Too bad they're not at all the right sizes.


Steve Terry

Time to break out the welder... or duct tape.

Chris Katko

I'm about ready to. A braze rod should suffice. (Gotta confirm aluminum brass compatibility though.) However, looking ahead if I want to upgrade to 3/4 tubing later I'd have to either get another set of adapters or cut the brazed assembly apart. I'd prefer proper adapters but at this point I'm already $40 in just on adapters and that's frustrating since the damn radiator was only 30. And I haven't bought hoses yet. So that's another $30 to $40 worst case.


Another paycheck, another $20 for another set of adapters. I realized the adapters I got are 3/8, but go to "3/4" (IIRC) GHT (garden hose thread). So I've got some 3/4 GHT to 3/4 barbed (hose end) fittings. So theoretically, this should be the right stepping to get down to 3/8ths, while NOT welding/brazing the current adapters so that I can merely remove one stage of adapters and go up to 3/4" when I upgrade in the future.

3/8" is ridiculous when you've got a car radiator with 1.25" inlets, heading up to a 1.5-2 foot wide radiator. Now granted, water will flow regardless. You CAN use smaller tubes. But you've got to make up for it with higher flow rates in the smaller sections (the tubes) which means more losses to friction and initial pressure to begin moving.


Whoa, whoa. He's not Canadian. If he intends to fix this with duct tape he'll owe Red Green royalties.

Chris, I fully think you have the skills to do this, but I hope you're doing what you can calculation wise. You announced it on a Friday, but until you post photos of it working it's still a Monday project. I believe you can make it work if you get stubborn, but whether it was necessary or economical (or at least fun) remains to be seen.

Bob Keane

Is Red Green still on the air? I thought I saw him back in the Ninetys.


It had its final episode made in 2006. Apparently they are still showing reruns on some networks.

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