Pre-ordering games on Amazon
Eric Johnson

I pre-ordered The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Amazon in June of last year. The game released today, but Amazon is telling me it will ship my package in April.

Is this normal for Amazon pre-orders? I figured it would ship a few days following release, but not a whole month after! I'm wondering if Amazon will update their estimate to a more reasonable date later today, considering the game just came out. If not, I'll cancel the order and buy it in-store. Thoughts?



I usually get pre-ordered games/movies delivered to me at release day. Amazon's site doesn't indicate they have the game on back order, so it may be worth a couple minutes of your time contacting them via chat to ask if your order is in limbo or if the site just isn't correctly reflecting the status.

Eric Johnson

Thanks for the suggestion, raynebc. I contacted their live support and had it all sorted out. To no surprise, the product was temporarily out of stock for a day, which delayed things. Now it's back in stock and will ship out today. My order says it will arrive by the 6th, my birthday of all days. :D


I've seen some wildly inaccurate shipping times with Amazon. There has been items that say they will take 4-6 weeks to arrive show up within 4 days. Recently I ordered a shirt on Feb. 11th that said it would arrive Arriving Mar 6 - Mar 27; I received it the 17th. There's a skirt that was shipped on the 1st that says March 27th-April 6th, but chances are it'll show up in the next few days.

Largely I think it has to due with external handlers and how they provide shipping information (or lack thereof) to Amazon. You might try contacting Amazon (there's a help chat hidden somewheres if you dig hard enough, and they are super helpful) to find out more information and possibly upgrade your shipping (for free to you!).

Eric Johnson

Thanks for writing, Elverion. I already got a hold of them and had things sorted out.

Specter Phoenix

That is one of several reasons I don't pre-order games anymore. Compounded with so many games being released "broken" or coming out and being lackluster to where I just don't pre-order anymore. Glad to hear you got it sorted out though.

Eric Johnson

I agree, Specter. But in this case, I trust Nintendo and haven't had any issues with them before.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is pretty good so far, by the way.

Specter Phoenix

My love for Nintendo ended with the Wii and sadly I'm not seeing anything for Switch that is getting my interest. Twilight Princess was the last Zelda game I played, but I've heard great things about BotW. Not enough great things to warrant me buying a new console though.

Eric Johnson

What about the Wii killed it for you?

As for the Switch, it looks neat, but I grabbed BotW for Wii U instead, as I already had the console. I'm a big sucker for Pikmin though, so if a new Pikmin comes out for Switch, I'll buy it then.

Specter Phoenix

For me it was just the game selection at the time (Wii games, not counting Virtual Console games) felt too kid oriented and didn't catch my attention that much. We even tried to get my son into gaming on it and he didn't care for it either. Now he plays Roblox on his iPad and seldom touches any of his consoles (we have the Wii, 2 PS3, and 2 me and him can play GTAV on a private server together as well as Minecraft).

My view of Wii has made me uninterested in Wii-U or Switch.

Gideon Weems

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is pretty good so far, by the way.

You lucky dog. I heard it could go down in history as one of the all-time greats. I will be getting it at some point.

Eric Johnson

Good points, Specter. The Wii was certainly the console of choice among "casual" players. Still, it did well for Nintendo, as it made lots of $$$. They really tapped into the mobile/casual market before the mobile market really was a thing.

That being said, there were still some more "hardcore" / "fanboy" games on the system. You had your Zelda, you had a few Mario Galaxy games, and it had Metroid Prime (a personal favorite of mine). It also had a few decent "New Play Control!" ports of GameCube games (I got both of the Pikmin ports).

Gideon, it's pretty fun so far. I'm 10 hours in and have hardly done anything story-related. I've mostly been roaming around, which is surprisingly enjoyable. The past few 3D Zelda games have run me ~35 hours to 100%, but I imagine BotW could endure 50-70 hours no problem. There's just so much to see and do.

The Wind Waker was my first and most favorite Zelda game. It was so open, so pretty, and so, so much fun. I loved the freedom in exploring the vast ocean. Many critiqued it for its cartoon-y visuals and its massive, "mundane" ocean, but personally, I enjoyed the art style and the ocean. I even bought the HD remaster for Wii U a few years back. The cartoon art style has allowed the game to look good even 10 years on. I think BotW has the potential to supersede The Wind Waker though. Time will tell! ;)

My brother bought me three amiibo to go with the game for my birthday today. :D



I found that bomb arrows are not usable on Death Mountain last night... Assuming you have the right food to go up high enough to have it be an issue. (I'm hoping there's a shirt that won't require me to have to have a page full of items to survive up there though)


Joyeux anniversaire BTW Eric ;-)

Eric Johnson

Miquel, I haven't reached the Eldin area yet. Please put a warning if you talk about potential spoilers. ;)

Thanks, GullRaDriel! :D

40 hours into Breath of the Wild. Still enjoying it. The game reminds me a lot of Twilight Princess for some reason.

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