Porting LibAlleg to new Platform

I wondering though how would one port liballegro5 to a new platform, is there dummy code to start with or any functions that are implemented first? ???


There are two basic steps you need to do (aside from the build system support):

1. Define _al_register_system_interfaces function which registers the interfaces your platform supports.

2. Implement ALLEGRO_SYSTEM_INTERFACE with the various functions for display handling etc.

A pretty simple example to follow would be the RaspberryPi interface (although it primarily piggy-backs on the existing Linux functionality), which you can find in src/raspberrypi.


If your platform already supports SDL2, there also is an SDL2 driver of Allegro. (It also could serve as example, it entirely piggybacks on SDL2 to do everything.)


Thanks! ;D I will look with both of those ideas.


PS4 port plzkthx ;D

Rodolfo Lam

That actually might raise awareness of the library!

Are you willing to contact Sony to acquire the development licence to develop Allegro there? Someone needs to start the port ;D

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