Does anyone have any games on Steam?

I'm curious if anyone has any greenlit games on Steam. I would love to check them out, possibly buy them. Or if you need my vote for yours.

Just for something to do.


I recall there was one a while back that looked like it had a shot. I can't remember which one it was... Maybe Factorio? :-/ I think that's all that I know of.


Factorio, Cypher Pusher, Polaris Sector, Zombies. (name changed to Corporate Lifestyle Simulator)

Eric Johnson

I know Trent has a few games on Steam: Crystal Picnic and Monster RPG 2.


I got a nice donation for my Allegro 5 game Deluxe Pacman 2, so I thought it would be nice to spend some of that on any other Allegro games on Steam or something. Just to pay something back.

I'll check them out, thanks.

Ah kewl, there's a "Nooskewl Bundle" for just over $5, grabbing it. :D

Wow, the video for that Factorio game looks amazing! :o

Bob Keane

Corporate Lifestyle Simulator sounds appropriately named.

Chris Katko

Corporate Lifestyle Simulator is an okay game, but the soundtrack by Bignic is amazing.


Doesn't GoG or Game Jolt count? I'm planning something... ::)


I absolutely LOVE GOG! I lost count of how many games I purchased from them. Never really thought about that honestly for developers here.

Gideon Weems

I wonder how many Allegro games are in the Android/Apple app stores.

Specter Phoenix

I don't have any game on any service, but I love buying games (even if I sadly can't play some due to my under powered laptop).

Chris Katko

I'm working on one now. :) Shh, it's a secret.

Mine will need DRM so Steam it'll be. Otherwise, it'd be impossible for me to keep up with user bans and other user management stuff like that. Steam sure gives you a lot for the entry price... discussion groups, bug posting, steamworks, community bulletin updates, etc.

For my more single player, less mass multi games I'd love to target GOG.

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