Coding practice for upcoming interview
Edgar Reynaldo

I have an interview coming up with Google and I need to practice some of my coding skills. I tried out TopCoder, but their webserver sent me into an endless login redirect loop and then dumps me at the front page asking me to login again. TopCoder indeed.

So I tried out and I've been having success solving problems so far.

I need to review my algorithms and data structures. Anyone know any good resources for this?

Does anyone else here participate in Or other coding websites? has coding challenges where you can get a guaranteed response from a company if you solve one of their coding challenges. That's pretty cool.


IRC is #allegro on freenode. Join us!

Dizzy Egg

Anyone know any good resources for this?



-Put your hands on the keyboard, and code.
-Make some simple projects with a bit of technicals things inside, like threads, networking, mutual file access, ...
-Try other languages, like GO, RUST, D, ...
-Don't forget to polish your script fu with perl, python, whatever ...
-You can have a look at flex/bison and try to make your own coding language implementation
-Build yourself some neurals networks and play with it

Nothing better than doing things to keep up the pace.

Did I understood the question correctly ? I'm not sure.

Eric Johnson

Just slip the interviewer $50 and you'll be hired. ;)

Joking aside, I agree with GullRaDriel.

Edgar Reynaldo

I really need to review AVL trees and balancing. I'm gonna have to dig out my data structures textbook.

Nobody else does code contests or practice?

Mark Oates

I used to do until I realized that I wouldn't want to work for an employer who sought potential employees in that way.

Just write lots of code, and always, always try new things.

Dizzy Egg

Nobody else does code contests or practice?


Mark Oates
Dizzy Egg said:

Anyone know any good resources for this?


Nobody else does code contests or practice?




@Edgar Reynaldo

I would use Youtube for a algorithms and data structures refresher.

Steve Terry

All the rage now is social graph algorithms. Sigh I always get stuck on them as they werent part of my college corriculum ... damn I'm old.
Not getting any experiene in the field either as I'm not doing any out facing app design just internal engineering apps and such. Seems a damn requirement though for amazon/google/facebook.

p.s. ... you get the job please take me with you ;D


We hired another programmer to our team a little over a month ago. Interviewing can be a difficult process for both parties, for sure.

I'm not sure what to expect from Google. We're a much smaller company, in a very small city. We essentially asked the candidates to work through word problems and solve the basic FizzBuzz type of questions. Then explain how they would engineer an online monopoly game to get some idea of what their approach would be.

I signed up for hackerrank but never actually used it.

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