Text Mode 2000
Kris Asick

The following page on my website explains it all, but basically, I decided to release my secret project in its unfinished state as freeware as I simply don't have the time to make it commercially viable anymore.

Thus we have, Text Mode 2000!


Just to point out though, since I only just released this, virus scanners and Windows SmartScreen and everything are having a field day with it... I looked into purchasing a proper digital signature and the appropriate file rep... it would cost over $400 USD... so... screw that. For something I was selling? Of course. For something free and unfinished? Nope! :P

As for what I'm gonna do next, I haven't decided yet, though it's down to just two of my ideas, so whichever I make the best progress on over the next while will be the one I focus on. ;)


The screenshots look awesome! Too bad you don't feel that there is a market for this. Three games a year sounds achievable, especially with some support through patreon...

Kris Asick

There is ABSOLUTELY a market for this, I just don't have the time to make it viable anymore. :(


I actually whipped up a quick little "3D" Text game. It's not a complete game, but randomly generates mazes you can explore. No ending to it at all. Just something I messed around with.


Kris Asick

One of my ideas for the TM2K project was to revive an old 3D RPG idea of mine which I made in Grade 11 as my final project for the computers class I was taking. It had a system in place for learning attacks similar to how Pokémon does it, except you play a person with a sword and armour and everything. ;)

I'm not too sad about giving up on this. I can reuse a lot of the foundation code I wrote, plus it's looking more and more like I might be doing PixelShips 2 next... :o

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