ALLEGRO_PATH implementation
A. van Patmos

edit: This crashing only happens on one machine. I don't have time to debug, I'm already happy if I can muck about with a C compiler every now and then.


What exactly happened? If it could be a bug in Allegro, then please elaborate so we can try to fix it.

A. van Patmos

The "Program has encountered a problem and needs to close" is what happened. After my first try at using ALLEGRO_PATH. So I thought I did smthing wrong there. But I can't reproduce that anymore as after four days all files have gone.
It had Allegro5211 and MinGW5302 on it so yes it could be that. I know that



	return 0;

I moved the printf further and further and "Fout!" still got printed in this case. So i don't think ALLEGRO_PATH has got to do with it.
(this is an Athlon X2 on a VIA chipset and cheapo ATI 9200 graphics, when I get my ATI 9600XT back this should become an OpenBSD desktop)

edit: I compiled after installing 5.0.10 and 4.7.1-tdm, but not the same code, it runs OK.


Well, I guess the problem was either to incorrect use or another problem elsewhere. Do tell us if you were to find a clear example.

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