AllegroCon Toronto / Niagara Falls
Edgar Reynaldo

Salut, mon amis!

I'm back with an update on Allegro Con Toronto / Niagara Falls. I'll be there from the 19th through the 24th. You should pack your bags and meet me there!!!

I have a convention from the 19th through the 22nd, but I'm free in Toronto after 6pm the 20th and 21st I believe, and I'm free late night the 22nd and all day Saturday the 23rd (when I'll be in Niagara Falls).

You guys should meet me in Niagara Falls on Saturday the 23rd. We can have lunch / dinner / drinks / see the falls / whatever sounds good.

Oates, you still coming?

Any other takers? Elias? Can you and your girlfriend wife (congrats) make it?

Any body else in the area? Come join us!!!




I'd love to, but not sure I can convince my wife. I mentioned a few times how we could see Niagara falls the weekend of 23rd - but she never said anything. And it is a very long drive...

Edgar Reynaldo

Well, that's too bad. I was hoping I could get to meet you guys and toss a few back with my friends. :/

Could you take a bus instead of driving? How far away are you?


Columbus OH - we're in Poland right now but back home next week, will see what our plans for the rest of the summer are then :)


If I'm game for riding my bike out that way I may try to make it, although I feel a bit nervous about that long of a trip at the moment.

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