[TINS 2016] The Path
Mark Oates

The Path

By Mark Oates



Use only the mouse to point and click.


You are trapped on a moonbase and must find your way out. Collect and combine items in order to open the door and make your escape! If you see "You have escaped the moon base" you win!

Binary Releases

The Path - Windows
The Path - OSX

I have provided an HD version and a 3/4 HD version in both releases (because the HD version made my Windows laptop cry).

To Compile

The original source is available on the GitHub repository.

In order to compile the game correctly, you will need at least Allegro 5.2.0 and AllegroFlare 0.8.7.tins. You will need to compile the AllegroFlare from source because there are no recent binary releases at this time.

I hope you enjoy it! :D

Obligatory I-could-have-done-it-better Disclaimer

You may have trouble figuring out how to combine items, that's not your fault, but you'll get a message when you do it correctly. Also, ok, so, like this game is really short. And the graphics are pretty flat. Everything is in place such that if I had another day I could focus solely on creating more things to do and incredible graphics, but thus is TINS. 8-) Also, there's a terminal window that will show you debug info while you play. And no sound.


Thanks for making the binary, I've updated the binary pack.

I'm always impressed by 3D games, somehow it's a big step for speedhacks. I haven't figured out the puzzle yet though.

Bruce Perry



Then after I copied that file in from RhymeCraft:


Then it worked after I copied that one in too.

Short and sweet

- I took far too long trying to understand how to

use items in my inventory on each other

and I still don't fully understand the logic, but hey, I guess I won :)

Shame the door didn't open :-/

Hey, can I cultivate crops in this place?



Wow, I was able to figure it a bit TOO quick actually. Must have the right type of logic in my head or something.

Mark Oates

It's definitely 90% engine, 10% demo. :-X

Thanks for playing, imagine the possibilities. :D

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