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I am using MSVC 2013 and I have built AGUI 0.2 best I can tell. In my build folder I have


But I am not sure what I need to include to use AGUI. There is no readme that I can find that tells me what needs to go where to use AGUI? anyone with experience using AGUI willing to talk me through the process?



I would recommend you use the master branch straight from GIT. It is stable and has improvements.

Make sure you build agui and agui_allegro5 static. (No dll's). Once you have that, try to compile the example

Link against the 2 .lib files and link to Allegro5.

As to what you should include, check out what the examples include.

There is no official tutorial or documentation, but the Demo gives a good idea on skinning and using the library.

For more advanced usage, check out which makes heavy use of Agui.

Let me know if you run into any issues, but please be specific, with any error messages you encountered etc.


Michael Branin

Thanks that is exactly what I needed to know. I downloaded from git and successfully compiled the libraries with no issues. Now I am off to learn how to use AGUI!!!

Ok where are you putting your include folder and your 2 libraries? Are you just dropping them in the project folder and linking to the libs there or Do you have an AGUI folder and have the includes there and the libs as well in a lib folder.


Like with any library, you put Agui in your include and lib folders respectively.

Michael Branin

Sorry I meant for organizational purposes do you keep your Agui stuff together in one main in case of updates ect. But I have it working


I'm not sure what you mean by 1 main.

I consider Agui, like Allegro, to be an external library. Thus, when I update Agui, it updates it for all the projects I use it with because they all include it from the same place. But if you prefer to include Agui as part of each project, that's fine too. It's up to you.

Sorry if that wasn't what you were asking.

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