Cipher Pusher: Action/Puzzle/Seafood : Trailer & Greenlight!

Hello dear Allegro members,

As some of you already know, in my spare time, I'm working a on an Action/Puzzle game called Cipher Pusher.
It's about blocks, vortexes & seafood.


Cipher Pusher

Cipher Pusher is a 2D top down Action/Puzzle game where you will have to push, carry, rotate, and connect some blocks!
But wait you can also remote-push, multi-push several blocks at a time, perform chain reactions… to achieve even greater combos!
You play as an astronaut without any weapon… and though you will have to dodge thousands of missiles, encounter hostile octopus-like lifeforms,
experiment strange mechanisms to solve puzzles…

If you're interested, watch the trailer:

Also, here are some GIFs :

{"name":"vid_270_140_devilfish-overkill-cipherpusher.gif","src":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/c\/8\/c875e5a2c79f9ee595d17ad36c51505d.gif","w":260,"h":140,"tn":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/c\/8\/c875e5a2c79f9ee595d17ad36c51505d"}vid_270_140_devilfish-overkill-cipherpusher.gif vid_180_140_yellowray-push-cipherpusher.gif
{"name":"vid_340_255_cipherpusher-chainreaction-lava.gif","src":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/8\/c\/8c6b00cc9c94d3d3a5adefa642cdb737.gif","w":340,"h":255,"tn":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/8\/c\/8c6b00cc9c94d3d3a5adefa642cdb737"}vid_340_255_cipherpusher-chainreaction-lava.gif {"name":"vid_340_255_cipherpusher-familyconnect-sea.gif","src":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/6\/1\/61b0a40a8ce053d5cf35085fb746ea50.gif","w":340,"h":255,"tn":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/6\/1\/61b0a40a8ce053d5cf35085fb746ea50"}vid_340_255_cipherpusher-familyconnect-sea.gif {"name":"vid_340_255_mediumcombo12-cipherpusher.gif","src":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/b\/0\/b0d2e41b09776737ec1e136dd8caadcf.gif","w":306,"h":255,"tn":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/b\/0\/b0d2e41b09776737ec1e136dd8caadcf"}vid_340_255_mediumcombo12-cipherpusher.gif {"name":"vid_340_255_pressy-fireball-cipherpusher.gif","src":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/4\/a\/4ae312759858625c874e77efc1544056.gif","w":305,"h":244,"tn":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/4\/a\/4ae312759858625c874e77efc1544056"}vid_340_255_pressy-fireball-cipherpusher.gif {"name":"vid_340_255_cipherpusher-fireballs-particles.gif","src":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/2\/5\/25f4608d9874097c58c11dfbbd07773e.gif","w":320,"h":249,"tn":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/2\/5\/25f4608d9874097c58c11dfbbd07773e"}vid_340_255_cipherpusher-fireballs-particles.gif
{"name":"cipherpusher-monolith-animated-1603.gif","src":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/b\/2\/b2d41b6ce2cc979767ee452ed5ec2e91.gif","w":324,"h":185,"tn":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/b\/2\/b2d41b6ce2cc979767ee452ed5ec2e91"}cipherpusher-monolith-animated-1603.gif {"name":"vid_340_255_allegrologo_anim_anto80.gif","src":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/1\/c\/1cc515bc33648d3a17ebd495f4fdd0ad.gif","w":286,"h":252,"tn":"\/\/\/image\/cache\/1\/c\/1cc515bc33648d3a17ebd495f4fdd0ad"}vid_340_255_allegrologo_anim_anto80.gif

I'm coding this game in C++. And I'm also coding its engine, based on Allegro 5.

Steam Greenlight & spread the word

I have great pleasure in launching its Steam Greenlight !
If you liked the trailer, or my previous work, please go to Steam website and vote YES here !
As you probably know, this is important because it will allow the game to get published.

Liked this trailer?… Please help to spread the word !
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• on Twitter : RT this tweet

If you want more information:
• Website :
• The team will attend Stunfest event (Rennes, France) on MAY 20-22 : Let's meet!

Thanks for your time!

Chris Katko

Co-op? You magnificent devil!


Co-op is not required to solve puzzles ;)

Co-op was really efficient in the early feedback days to find news bugs/crashs during events! ;)

Mark Oates

anto80, you particle beast! ;)

Do you create new particles real-time or are they pre-allocated in memory?


I take care of the memory! No worries :D

That's a fixed length list of pointers.
Any pointer to Particle is newed then destroyed.

If there's no room in the fixed length list, I force destroy on the eldest pointer.


Looks awesome, anto80! Voted yes and hope it gets published. That looks amazing. I'm also really glad that a polished game finally noted Allegro at its core. You did a really good job of that in the gif! I hope that's in the title screen or something.


Thanks a lot.
Yes I like Allegro a lot!
Very proud of being part of the Allegro users community!
Allegro logo won't ever disappear from any of my exes ;)
And I like to say that I use Allegro (on dev forums the or

Bruce Perry

Votificated :)


I been voted.


And suddenly, last night at 1 AM in the morning...
Cipher Pusher got Greenlit!

Well, I'm so happy because it was rather fast: it took less than 10 days! :o

Thanks to all people who played/voted/commented/spread !
You are awesome.


Awesome news! So does that mean it's available now or that it will be shortly? Keep us posted!

Mark Oates

Awesome news! So does that mean it's available now or that it will be shortly? Keep US posted!

^ Here, I made that easier for you to read.


Thank you very much. 8-) Your efforts are appreciated.


It's still a bit hard to read. Can you add more colors please?


Thanks for your interest.

Unfortunately I still have lots of stuff to do.
Obviously level design, some new features, find solution related to IRL feedbacks.
That includes also lots of stuff non-related to the code.

Sorry but I'll have to ask you to be patient.

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