Starting Steam Greenlight soon! Polishing trailer!

Polishing Cipher Pusher Pre-Alpha trailer. Why? Because starting Steam Greenlight soon! :)
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Bit late to the party (eh, a couple days is normal for these days ;)). Looks like you're putting some good work into it! Best of luck getting through greenlight :).




I will certainly keep an eye out for your game on greenlight, and do what I can.
I am literally about to put a ~95% finished game on greenlight, and was wondering if you had any tips or suggestions about the process, and how you have found it.


Thanks Yodhe23 for you interest!
However I have to admit that I'm a total noob as for launching a game, or even a Greenlight.
I made some small projects years ago (2000-2004), for fun & learning purposes, but only 2-3 years ago I started to understand all game design implications.

As for my Greenlight approach:
I will send e-mail reminders to my contacts, post on forums, Facebook, Twitter.
Some say that you also have to contact the press at this stage. Sadly for me I don't have any contact in this field.

And you? Can you share your approach?


My approach.... Stick it on greenlight and see/hope/pray?

Draw on the mighty vast resource of and it highly influential members.
Implement al_init_mind_control (*global) :D

Probably not much in reality, maybe stick up a couple of new blogs, "jambon" (a fine class of spam) a few appropriate forums (rather than splatter-gunning everywhere ergo spam).

Sell five copies, though this time to be honest I have an official target of 50 sales that I would like to make, after last time getting ~20 for my android allegro game.

Sink into a pit of obscurity, except for the occasional reference in threads when I mention about that game I once made.

Forget this game, and start work on the next one.


So good luck on implementing al_init_mind_control !! :D

So this it it: :o

You can vote here with a valid Steam account:
thanks ;)

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