Sea foam / wave animation : Looking for feedback

Hello all,

I have created these visual effects in Allegro 5

Sorry for the wrong anto-scaling in some browsers. The link to the GIF is here

It's a rather "squared" world and that's why I decided to make the seafoam look square.
And I'm still in test phase and I'm not sure how it looks.
What do you think about the "wavy" one on top of the blue sea (it's the same one as on top of the grey sand) ?

Thanks for your feedback!!

Gideon Weems

They look pretty good. My favorite is the starry field. You could probably get away with more waviness, too.


Quote You could probably get away with more waviness, too.

Thanks for your feedback!

More waviness on the blue sea one?
Do you mean the sliding frequency? more amplitude (or faster?) cosine effect?
Do you have examples/refs to point out?


anto - I wanted to post earlier, but I was sidetracked with work.

I thought the look was great, but perhaps a bit more undertow (or back flow) of the waves would make them look more 'crashing' on the shore. I see waves as think of water flowing back as much as forward:

Instead of adding more frames just play the frames forward, then reverse for a second or two, and finally start the animation over.


Thanks Phrasz for the input!

I agree with you it should be more "oscillated-like".

I'll work on it!


What about THIS :


Gideon Weems

That is a big improvement. In comparison, the old version looks like a tarp slowly blowing in the wind.

anto80 said:

more amplitude

This is what I meant, but it doesn't matter now.


It looks better on blue. Beside that, I think it is a good idea to do "squared waves". Looks nice.


Thanks a lot!! :)


Nailed it!

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