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It is possible to repair load libpng + zlib png +, to make it compatible with allegro, the need for an GameEditor (DragEditor), and I can not even migrate to the latest version, here are the sources, can not be built examples, perhaps there is an error, but I have not found yet ... thanks !!!


Edgar Reynaldo

We can't help you repair it unless you give us the errors. What version of libpng and zlib are you using? And is there a reason you're using Allegro instead of 4.4.2? Are you building for Dos? If not, there's little point using 4.2.

I can build binaries for libpng, zlib, libjpg, logg, loadpng, jpgalleg, and allegrogl alongside allegro 4.4.2 if you're interested. It would be for MinGW 4.8.1 though.



Hello sorry for the delay, and my bad English, I'm from chile and I speak Spanish, I'm using google translator ... Well I had attached the source files in the previous message for the compilation of the library, and a picture of the small program level editor, I would like to observe a little picture, I'm using allegro, with codeblocks + mingw gcc 4.9.3, and the reason is because the version 5.0.10, and later I found no GUI routines, fundamental as spinbox, treeviews, treelist, combobox, buttons, scrollerbitmaps, scrollergrids, and many more that I already have made in version and I can not migrate the program because these routines are missing, or that would make the editor in wxWidgets, for now I'm in the image editor and collisions, I must integrate LUA script 5.1, sounds mp3, ogg, vorbis, and other formats , that I have found difficult to achieve, since the Devpack-pluggins codeblocks, is down, and some links to the libraries section also this fallen, any help thank you, the goal of the editor is to reach an XML file or JSON with all settings of a game, then make a reader Engine. In addition I am also looking XML, JSON, network libraries, so any help is welcome ... thank you very much !!!

See Level Editor image !!

Edgar Reynaldo

I am working on some binaries for Allegro 4.4.2, including logg, alleggl, loadpng, jpgalleg, and libpng and zlib along with ogg and vorbis. I should have them done in a day or two.

So you know, loadpng comes with Allegro 4.4.2 as an add-on. It is built into allegro 4.4.



Okey I got the library binaries 4.4.2, but found the instructions to build the manual in CHM format, if you have the manual in this format, Please can get a link to download and read it offline,,, thanks !!!

Edgar Reynaldo

I managed to build a chm version of the manual for 4.4.2.

Allegro 442 CHM manual

For future reference here is how I did it :

1. Installed HTML Help Workshop.

2. Went to cmd prompt.

3. Added (c:\Program Files (x86)\HTML Help Workshop) to the PATH using :
set path=C:\Program Files (x86)\HTML Help Workshop;%PATH%

4. Created a chm folder.
mkdir chm

5. Created the html manual using makedoc.exe
makedoc.exe -html chm\allegro.html docs\src\allegro._tx

6. Created the hhc, hhk, and hhp help files.
makedoc.exe -chm chm\allegro442.chm docs\src\allegro._tx

7. Changed to the chm dir
cd chm

8. Created the chm files using hhc
hhc allegro442.hhp

You might have to modify the directories used slightly to match your own setup.

Here's the resulting chm file. Everything works except the 'makefile targets' entry.


Ohhh that's good ,,,
I'm really grateful to you !!!

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