[LudumDare 34] Polytree

Here's my entry for Ludum(hack) (see the thread here: https://www.allegro.cc/forums/thread/615920).

I kind of lost motivation pretty early on, so this is a pretty limited entry by my standards. It is complete though, so it has got that going for it.

Windows Binary
LudumDare entry page


Gideon Weems

Yay, I have something to play next weekend! Good job on following both themes.


With the recent changes I made to RustAllegro combined with the great Windows support for Rust on Windows, it was a breeze to make Windows binaries for it, compared to when I had to make binaries for D for my older games. This was a very fun deployment experience.

Gideon Weems

src/main.rs:5:1: 5:21 error: #[feature] may not be used on the stable release channel

I get this error with both $( cargo build --release ) and $( cargo clean; cargo build ).


You need to use the nightly Rust version. One particular feature I use is that I catch when the program panics and spawn Allegro's native dialog to display it for better user experience :P.

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