3D graphics in Allegro?

Hi! I am new here but not to Allegro, anyway, What do I use to create 3D games with the Allegro 5 library? Do I use AllegroGL which is on the librarys link on Allegro.cc? And if so is there any lessons online or just enough lessons or examples ALREADY that come with the AllegroGL or whatever lib you download. Or should I use something else for 3D game making? My understanding is that you would have the input and audio features and such that regular allegro has, but it would combine OpenGL with it to enable 3D models and such? Right? Or am I mistaken? All sorts of answers would be wonderful, and thank you in advance.:D

Mark Oates

Everything that is essential for 3D is already in Allegro 5.1 - projections, 3d transformations, shaders (GLSL or HLSL), etc. You don't need any external plugins or addons. All functionality wraps OpenGL and DirectX so you don't have to interface with either of them directly (but you can if you want to).

There are a few really good example programs in Allegro for 3D, namely ex_projection, ex_projection2, ex_camera, ex_shader, are a few.

That being said, right now there aren't a lot of tools in Allegro 5 to make 3D programming easy. Everything takes a bit of work and patience. Since Allegro is so low-level, it doesn't have functions to load 3D model files (.obj for example), or the concept of 3D models at all. But you can create whatever model format you wish, render as many triangles as you need in whatever way that you want.

You might also want to check out AllegroFlare, which I'm still working on. In there is a framework with a 3D pipeline and a Model class that loads .obj files.

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