Ludum Dare thread.

My girlfriend asked me why I will not participante this week end, and I've said that I don't know, and she said that I must do it. I love her.

So, since the previous thread is closed, I've open this one. It will be 3 a.m. here un Spain when LD starts, so if some body press the Speed Hak's spin-o-matic, please post the result here and let's hace some fun.


Alright, here's some Rule-O-Matic produced rules combined with the Ludum Dare theme(s):

Genre requirements

Two button controls! Growing!

Technical requirements

There are 2 technical requirements:

Final Boss

The game must have a final boss to defeat. This does not limit you into an adventure or action game! Even Tetris Attack featured "bosses" of sorts.

Just a minute

The main gameplay must take exactly one minute to complete, whether the player(s) win or lose.

Artistic requirements

There are 2 artistic requirements:


It doesn't matter what the idea is, but the program should stamp it in at every available moment, or let it sub-consciously sift into the user's mind. The more complicated idea the better. The more effective the better. Please make note of what you are trying to bring over, so it is verifiable.

Mutating visuals

The game must continually change its visuals - distorting, changing colour, or changing the shape of playfield altogether - the more creative you get, the better.

Bonus rules

There is 1 bonus rule:

Act of Politician

Hide your incompetence! If one rule is too tough for you, omit it by putting in a distraction that kicks donkeys. F.i. if one rule says you must have a high score table, you should make the UI look like if there was one, but when game ends, interrupt everything with lots of eye candy and great music. Or with a neat bonus mini game.

Mark Oates

What is it 48 hours?


48 hours for the competition, 72 for the 'jam'. I've got stuff to do, so personally will be doing the 48 hour version.


Alright, figured out twitch (again):


Hm, that's pretty hard speedhack rules - only 60 seconds, but also have a boss. If you can defeat him in 60 seconds that doesn't sound like much of a boss to me...


Fortunatelly, there is a bonus rule. Also, you can pick one or both Ludum Dare's rules.

Let's ser what happens.8-)


I was away Friday night, then spent all Saturday looking for a new apartment and spent some hours today video-taping some childrens' xmas performance - so couldn't really partake. But in the few hours of coding I could fit in I made a game nevertheless :)

The idea was that I'd have several levels, each to be completed in 60 seconds. You play as Old Mother Frost (not sure how well known she is in English speaking countries...) and you have to pave the way for Santa Claus to deliver his presents. There would have been different types of terrain like one which he can't touch and one which melts snow, and other kinds of obstacles. Anyway, this is what I've got:




Finally I couldn't do anything. :'(
Ugly week-end for me. :(


Finally I couldn't do anything. :'(
Ugly week-end for me. :(

Yikes, hope it wasn't anything serious.

Elias said:

But in the few hours of coding I could fit in I made a game nevertheless :)

That's incredible, I'm amazed at how good the snowflakes look. Unfortunately, it looks like crud on my end:


I think we have some serious issues with bitmap locking...


Hmp. There is no locking involved in creating the tree at all:

1void tree_segment(float x, float y, float h) { 2 Color c = al_map_rgb(0, 150, 50); 3 float v [] = {x, y - 2, x - h - 2, y + h + 2, x, y + h * 3 / 4 + 2, x + h + 2, y + h + 2}; 4 al_draw_filled_polygon(v, 4, c); 5 c = al_map_rgb(0, 200, 0); 6 float v2 [] = {x, y, x - h, y + h, x, y + h * 3 / 4, x + h, y + h}; 7 al_draw_filled_polygon(v2, 4, c); 8} 9void make_tree(Bitmap * sub) { 10 al_set_target_bitmap(sub); 11 float y = 50; 12 float h = 40; 13 for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++) { 14 tree_segment(40, y, h); 15 h /= 1.5; 16 y -= h / 1.5; 17 } 18 al_set_target_backbuffer(al_get_current_display()); 19} 20void init(void) { 21 ... 22 g.sheet = al_create_bitmap(w, h); 23 ... 24 g.tree = al_create_sub_bitmap(g.sheet, 0, 40, 80, 80); 25 make_tree(g.tree); 26 ... 27}

I suppose I simply nee to clear the bitmap before drawing into it. We should update the documentation about that :P


Ah, haha. That fixed it:


Gideon Weems

Elias's game worked fine on my end without any code modification at all. I never realized that clearing the drawing screen was important...

It's a really cool concept. I like how the game manages to be fun, even though it is impossible to lose.

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