Website update (about my small old Allegro games) (2)

Thank you AUTO-LOCK SYSTEM for having locked just before I wanted to post. >:(
Ironically that was exactly the situation I described yesterday here

Well, I'm starting a new one.


More block types available in CIPHER PUSHER thanks to this custom puzzle level editor.
Full vid here


I'm too lazy to read the old thread, is this game made with Allegro? At some point I want to make an Allegro showcase so it'd be nice to have a set of games that were built using Allegro.


Yes!! All my games are made with Allegro! This one is made with Allegro 5.0.10

Thank you SiegeLord for your feedback! (I really began to think that nobody cares! :P ) Anyway, I'm not doing this to be famous.
But I'll be much more pleased to see that showcase.


Not exactly a game but... This is an Allegro/AllegroGL tool I made, related to Dance Dance Revolution and Leek spin meme
with this you can select random songmix disc when organizing tourmaments/events!
Full video here:

Gideon Weems
anto80 said:

I really began to think that nobody cares!

I enjoy the updates. When you support Linux, I hope to enjoy the games, too. For now, it's fun seeing screens, videos, and design documents or photos from development.


MERRY XMAS with octupus santa & devilfish santa in CipherPusher

animated version :

Mark Oates

I want to play these games! :)


Happy new year!... 1 Year Already & Still coding my #GGJ15 Jam Game! :P
From "And I Push" to "Cipher Pusher" : Let's have a short talk at Le Jardin Moderne, Rennes on January, 30 2016


Nice video!

What video capture software do you use?


Nice video!
What video capture software do you use?


The Leekspin-mod original video was made with Fraps to output an AVI file (and then converted to GIF using online tool ) .

The XMAS video is actually a GIF captured directly as GIF with ScreenToGif .


YEAH THIS IS WEEKEND!!! which is awesome, because it means EVEN MORE TIME TO WORK ON MY GAME !!!!

SO... Another debugging day on Cipher Pusher ;D Some bugs are funny after all!
Hey you frisbee come back here! (INFINITE FRISBEE BUG!! WAY TOO MANY FRISBEES HERE!)

Full vid here:

Peter Hull

What's next, any chance of a sneak preview?


Hey Peter ! Thanks for your support !

Unfortunately concerning Cipher Pusher, I’ve not worked on a preview/trailer yet. I’m hoping to work on this in May. Thanks for your patience!

By the way, I will post some other videos soon: the first one will be about my first Space Invader clone (2000) and the other one will be about my Pacman clone (2001) (the one you helped me to deal with some Allegro v3.12 .DAT files, yes that thread, and thanks again for your help on that subject)


And here comes the first video:

This is my first Space Invaders clone made with Allegro 3.12 (DOS,2000)... That was great to learn gamedev... in 256 colors :)
(At that time I didn't connect with community but the documentation was good enough to try.learn by myself.)
Back in 2016 I still had fun recording that video. :P


IMHO, game design means sometimes cutting off and keeping the best. (at least, what it seems to be the best...)
Sometimes you need to simplify glyph reading when it's too complex. That's also part of game design. So goodbye to these glyphs.
Exhibit public iterations proved nuances were way too much subtle (or complicated) in my ACTION/PUZZLE context. In the next iteration these glyphs will be replaced and it will be easier to read (but I can assure you I won't decrease the game difficulty or complexity). ;)


I'll be at InsaLan (Rennes, France) FEB 5-6-7 for more Cipher Pusher ACTION/PUZZLE Playtest! -- Feel free to come and push some blocks!... and discuss about Game development. :)

Mark Oates

So, your games; have you thought about putting them all up on GitHub? I'd be interested to peruse through your source and see how you do things. :)


I'm sorry but I won't do that.

I've been keeping/refactoring my code for years, to build my own "layer" over Allegro.
Plus, I'm not sure if anyone else can understand my messy code.
But I think that the real reason is that I don't want to share it all.

Please don't blame me. :-/

Anyway if you have some specific questions, I can tell you how I did, if I know the answer...


So here's what I did last week-end (#GGJ16)
This is weird snake game (exclusively 2-player). Player1 controls the snake, and player2 controls fruits. (Anaconda Awesomeness vs Fruity Freedom.)

Full video:

Read more:

Public presentation: (French)


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