So I've been itching to write a game, and since Ludum Dare 34 is coming up soon (December 11th-14th), I figured I'd participate in it. To make it more fun, consider this idea. Instead of simply using the Ludum Dare theme as the entirety of the rule set, we take a spin of the SpeedHack rule-o-matic and replace the genre rule with the Ludum Dare theme. Then everybody proceeds to make a game using those rules and we can be sure to vote on each other's creations. I'd suggest doing the 48 hour event, as it's nice and quick, but that can be personal preference... completing something is the goal.

What do you think? Anybody interested?

EDIT: Ludum Dare rules for those unfamiliar with the event. It's essentially SpeedHack without the Allegro and size requirements. I would probably prefer to enforce cross-platformness though.

Mark Oates

I would like to, but I will have just started work and might need that weekend to cram.

Who knows, I might be able to.


I'd like to join as well - but don't know how much time I'll have that weekend. Does Ludum Dare allow team entries?

Specter Phoenix

They allow teams if you are doing the 72 hour jam, if you are doing the 48 hour compo then you have to do it solo.

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