A word in English, if it actually exists..

I'm looking for a word, that would describe a steak that was actually "beaten" before frying it, so that the meat becomes more tender. I found the word "chops", but it apparently refers to some specific cuts of meat. Also in regular dictionary there's no noun for the word "chop".

So, is there a word in English to describe a steak that was beaten with a special hammer to make the steak softer?



steak tartare ?


No, no.. The "beating" of the meat doesn't silce it, it only makes it softer. It's actual beating with a special hammer(or anything else), it's not cutting.


I'm sure there's a word for it, but I'm not a chef. If it matters enough I'd suggest asking #cooking on irc.freenode.net (ordinarily #english would be appropriate, but since this is food specific I'd bet #cooking is a better bet). Somebody should know.

Arthur Kalliokoski

    make (meat) more tender by beating or slow cooking.

Meat can also be tenderized with special sauces that have enzymes to break down the the collegens in the meat somewhat.

Tenderized steak.

Bruce Perry

Tenderised if you're British :)


Thanks guys, Tenderis(z)ed shall be it. Googling/looking up in translators/dictionaries didn't cut it.

Oh, and awesome suggestion bout IRC.. Guess I'll use that in similar scenarios.. Although perhaps I'll write another post, it's not that frequent for me to be unable to find an appropriate word if given the time to find. And a conversation here is always pleasant. :)

Chrome says it's tenderised, not tenderized :P
I'm clueless what English it uses though. It does know a British lift is an elevator though..

Bruce Perry

If you need somewhere to ask about words in the future, I believe this thread is about to be returned to the pool for re-use :)

Gideon Weems

Beating hard meat to make it softer? I had some different English in mind...

Bruce Perry

Beating hard meat to make it softer? I had some different English in mind...

This seems like a good time to encourage everyone to enable the display of animated avatars in their settings :)


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