Website update (about my small old Allegro games)

Hello all,

Here's some info about 2 things:


As you'll see, I decided not to write all old articles about my old projects, they do exist there, but they never left my office. There would be too much work to do and I did not want to delay the launch of my website. Better: I wanted to make this lack of content a (funny?) exercise through a survey, in order to detail first the projects that interest most people!
So I would appreciate if you could post a message in this survey, indicating what would interest you most to see in detail in my old projects listed on my website (just a word, or the project name will be enough).
And as I am not afraid of challenge, I will do my best to recompile these old sources and make videos captures (who will be submitted here)

That's a serious adventure started in late January and continues for me, so thank you so much in advance!

Gideon Weems

I didn't realize you had such style. Good call on going with animations over still shots. Everything about the site looks great. I've already bookmarked it.

Do you have any plans on opening a comments section? How about an RSS feed to inform people of updates?

Edit: Every page looks good, and I even have JS disabled. Kudos.


Many thanks for your feedback!

Concerning the website, I have read a lot about webdesign and picked from other examples. I also showed it to a friend who is web designer to have some advices.

I had real fun creating the animations in GIF icons (at the bottom of the page) using Allegro routines! :)

I don't plan to do RSS. I prefer using social networks (will use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) to keep people informed.
Moreover, from time to time, I'll post on

On Facebook page, you can comment.
My Twitter account is still being set up for now, but it will be a way to comment as well.

Thanks again!

Not really a game project, but here is a tiny update, about "SOUNDTEST (Blind test - Community project)" (IMHO) a funny example of "Constraint Satisfaction Problem" programming applied to "fair" videogame blind tests.

Have a good day!


Yay it's still opened !

I liked the page (and PM'ed you !)

Keep motivated, and write code !



Thanks for your feedback!

Motivation is still there!

And code will continue to be written !


Mark Oates

In general, it's a good practice to leave out anything "coming soon" or "under construction". In my experience, websites like that generally stay that way.

Present your content such that it doesn't advertise its incompleteness, and your website will be 85% better.

Even if it's incomplete, let the website be only about things you've done, not things you haven't done. ;)


Thanks for your feedback!!
[Edit] @Mark fixed "Coming soon" images on home page.

And now, back 15 years in the past, with this video showing my first videogame involving sprites, and Allegro 3.12... only for fun and for learning purposes, never released publicly
Full vid here:

[Edit] a small gif:



I love the extravagant animations on the front page.

Once you click through there are a lot of big red crosses though. I guess that's work in progress?


Thanks for your feedback amarillion!!

As for the big red crosses, it says "Description not yet written in details..." and provides 2 links each time a red cross appear: "Why?" and "What is this “X”?"
but maybe that's not visible enough.
Or maybe the explanation is not clear either.

Anyway, if a specific project in the list does have a red cross and you want it to be explained/detailed, you can post here: To-Do poll
Thank you !! :)


No, I read the "Why, and What is this" links. They are visible enough, and I understand the explanation.

It's just that there are so many of them at the moment.


In some months, most of them should have been explained.

I did this because I preferred to show that I took part in many projects, even if talking about incomplete things is generally a bad practice.

Chris Katko


I want to play that game... it looks like bomberman meets shoot 'em up in a truly unique game mechanic I've never seen... crushing enemies on a bomberman-like grid so that they explode and hurt the boss.


Thank you!

I'm so glad to hear such feedback!! :)

I'm doing this on my spare time, and hope to release it in summer 2016.

If you want to stay informed about next steps and work in progress, you may let your e-mail here : (at the bottom of the page)

If you want to show your interest in this, please "like" this Facebook page:

Thanks again!

I'll be at Les 24h du jeu (an event in France) on 24-25 OCT, on an indiedev booth to show WIP on Cipher Pusher. If some of you are in the neighborhood, feel free to come and play/test with new items/features/puzzles(/bugs?)

TOMORROW !!! ;) Hehe Getting ready to present some gamedev/playtest/debug #CipherPusher GO FOR IT!! :P

Gideon Weems

Please tell me about the background music for the Sound Test "making of" video.


Please tell me about the background music for the Sound Test "making of" video.

ok np, which part? (min:sec)

Gideon Weems

The first and second tunes, for starters! They're awesome and start at 0:00 and 1:40. The third song, at 2:40, is good, also. It sounds familiar. Is it from the Lufia series? And is the last one really from Contra 3? They're all solid.


I just answered in the video description.

Next time, don't hesitate to comment directly on Youtube, please.

(And if you like these, I'd be glad if you subscribe. Note that none are monetized) ;)

Gideon Weems

Thank you. :D is cooler than YouTube. 8-)

amarillion has better quality comments than Youtube.

Mind, that's a very low standard to meet.

anto80 is cooler than YouTube. has better quality comments than Youtube.

I agree with you guys but commenting a Youtube video is a way of making it seen more often. ::)



We stay in puzzlegame area with this new vid of my own Tetris clone (2003)

see the video:
nostalgic! :p

Mark Oates

You seem very "fluent" in the ability to make games. How do you do it?


You seem very "fluent" in the ability to make games. How do you do it?

What do you mean? If you mean the frequency, please note that my previous video is about a game coded in 2003 with Allegro 4.

Anyway, thanks for the compliment. :)

Some update about CIPHER PUSHER :)

Chris Katko

Can't tell if new posts, or someone spamming Send to Top button. O_o


Spamming send to top (in this case, there was an edit made at least)


Maybe it is sent to top to avoid this situation

Chris Katko



Well, In case of any of you is in Rennes, France on November 28...
I'll be at "La nuit du Jeu" to present some WIP and organize playtest session.


Erf. Je serais en train de retaper un appart.

Bonne party à toi en tout cas :-)


A new vid about "Kalaksi", an old shoot'em up I made (2003), mainly based on Galaga & Galaxian gameplay


Your favorite spammer strikes back again :P


Some graphic update about Cipher Pusher:
(wonderful art by Katinaé)
PS: We'll see all that running IRL in a few hours... ;)

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