al_load_sample's loading many data

Few days ago, I tried to include music files for my program. I wrote right function which read my file with headers of files music and same files.
I have not used music file yet. And now when I want load this 19 files (33 MB), I'm loading this samples and I get over 700 MB data in memory too.

I'm reading these files from my file:

1for(unsigned i = 0; i < songCount; i++) 2{ 3 buffer = new char[songs[i]->fileLength]; 4, songs[i]->fileLength); 5 alFile = al_open_memfile((void*)buffer, songs[i]->fileLength, "rb"); 6 ALLEGRO_SAMPLE *sample = al_load_sample_f(alFile, songs[i]->fileType.c_str()); 7 songs[i]->addSongFile(sample); 8 std::cout << &buffer << " " << alFile << " " << sample << std::endl; 9 al_fclose(alFile); 10 alFile = NULL; 11 delete[] buffer; 12 buffer = NULL; 13}

I thought that I do something wrong, and get memory leak. So I tried load these files "manually":

2ALLEGRO_SAMPLE *sample = NULL; 3sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 4songs[0]->addSongFile(sample); 5sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 6songs[1]->addSongFile(sample); 7sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 8songs[2]->addSongFile(sample); 9sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 10songs[3]->addSongFile(sample); 11sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 12songs[4]->addSongFile(sample); 13sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 14songs[5]->addSongFile(sample); 15sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 16songs[6]->addSongFile(sample); 17sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 18songs[7]->addSongFile(sample); 19sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 20songs[8]->addSongFile(sample); 21sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 22songs[9]->addSongFile(sample); 23sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 24songs[10]->addSongFile(sample); 25sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 26songs[11]->addSongFile(sample); 27sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 28songs[12]->addSongFile(sample); 29sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 30songs[13]->addSongFile(sample); 31sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 32songs[14]->addSongFile(sample); 33sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 34songs[15]->addSongFile(sample); 35sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 36songs[16]->addSongFile(sample); 37sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 38songs[17]->addSongFile(sample); 39sample = al_load_sample("music.ogg"); 40songs[18]->addSongFile(sample);

For simplification I loading one file 19 times.

Two this ways doesn't load sample file correctly. After loading I should get about 33 MB data, but I get over than 700 MB.

Did you heard about problem like this? I use Allegro 5.0.10. I tried load this way in two projects to be sure.

If you understand, I send link for my topic about this on a Polish forum PC Format:

Thomas Fjellstrom

Ogg is compressed. al_load_sample loads the audio and decompresses it into raw PCM data.

If you want to use music, you're best off using streaming[1]


Ok, thanks! :)
Now I know why I get so many megabytes of data.
But I'd ask if I understand everything correctly and I'm doing everything what I should.

There is cool example which I base: ex_stream_file, but I'm not sure that I'm understanding everything right.

So, now I would like to summary what I centrainly do. This is test project, but there I include every step, which I want implement in my game. Only difference that I read music files from one file by al_load_audio_stream_f.

1. When I'm initializing Allegro, I turn on audio streaming. I'm saving a frequency, mixerDepth, voiceDepth and channel conf. I'm creating mixer and voice.
2. In my player I will have pointer on ALLEGRO_AUDIO_STREAM - *musicStream. On begin set on NULL.
3. Now when I want to handle stream:
a) If I want play stream, I call my function playStream:

1void TestGame::playStream(std::string filePath) 2{ 3 if(musicStream) 4 al_destroy_audio_stream(musicStream); 5 musicStream = al_load_audio_stream(filePath.c_str(), 4, 2048); 6 al_register_event_source(gameCore->alManager->getAllegroEventQueue(), al_get_audio_stream_event_source(musicStream)); 7 al_attach_audio_stream_to_mixer(musicStream, gameCore->alManager->getAllegroMixer()); 8}

b) If I want change volume, call this function: al_set_audio_stream_gain(musicStream, 'float value');
c) If I want stop stream, call this function: al_detach_audio_stream(musicStream);

Two asks:
1. How is difference between function above and al_drain_audio_stream? What should I use?
2. I'm not sure what means second and third argument of al_load_audio_stream.
- Second is probably size (on kilobytes?) of stream, which will be loading to play like one piece of stream.
- Third is for information how many streams can play at the same time, through my pointer musicStream? Can I change to 1? At the same time I will playing only one sample. Maybe is nonsense give 2048?

So, this is everything what I should do for correctly handling audio stream in Allegro? Of course, in the end, I'm destroing audio stream, mixer and voice.

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