The 9/11 Surfer - man survived 9/11 collapse

Amazing story of the only man to survive the collapse of the world trade center while inside one of the towers... talk about answered prayer!


Ben Delacob

I'm awaiting the prequel: The D-Day wind surfer.

William Labbett

Is it true that they've built two new towers there?

I remember thinking if they ever did it would take a act of courage to be willing to work in them.

Chris Katko

Is it true that they've built two new towers there?

They built the freedom tower. After some 10 years of B.S. and bickering.

William Labbett

I remember seeing it when I searched for

"triangular prismoid" or something like that.

Clearly, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.


I think this is the first time I've heard the term "survivor guilt". I could only imagine how terrible that would be, given how the 9/11 story was so pervasive.

Freedom Tower NY:

Chris Katko

That's the statue of liberty, silly Canadian! :P ;)

William Labbett
Derezo said:

I think this is the first time I've heard the term "survivor guilt".

I guess that not just people who were in the tower and survived were survivors.

I remember seeing one of the engines of one the planes on a pavement in Manhattan.
For all I know, it killed a few people when it landed and careered along the street :-/


I really think it's ridiculous that people still talk about 9/11 like it was such a bad thing. I think it was a few thousand Americans died on 9/11. The Americans proceeded to literally kill hundreds of thousands of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan... Cry me a river. Most Americans weren't even directly affected by it (e.g., being at an attack site during the attacks). And if the mere fact that their country had been attacked was such a horrible thing then imagine how guilty their country, its government, and it's supporting population must be for the atrocities that the USA did, does, and will continue to do elsewhere in the world... "Abroad" to you is "home soil" to your "enemies". Let alone all of the harm that the US government does to its own citizens... And please, everybody shut the fuck up about stopping terrorists at all costs. The governments are a far larger threat than the terrorists ever were... ::)


bamccaig opens his mouth and feces comes flying out again. What else is new.

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