allegro 5.0.10: window does not appear

Hello, I have a very strange problem. I have installed allegro 5.0.10 on my W7 s.p.1 home PC with MS VS express 2010, and all works fine. Decided to install allegro 5.0.10 on my notebook ASUS x53B with W7 s.p.1 & MS VS express 2010. All the configuration settings & solution properties are identical. I linked with allegro-5.0.10-monolith-md-debug.lib on both computers. When I run test program from allegro wiki on my notebook, then opens only console window, without main window. Output window says: Build: 1 succeeded, 0 filed, 0 up-to-date, 0 skipped. When I press CTRL+F5 appears a small application icon in the tray. As I mentioned, the same test program and others works fine on the home PC. Where could be the problem?
By the way, how can I insert code examples in the message?

Edgar Reynaldo

The window may be appearing offscreen. See this thread for a work around in case that is what is wrong.

Use <code>code goes here</code> tags :
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See al_set_window_position

Thomas Fjellstrom

We really need to fix that bug. My best guess is that we're passing in origin coordinates from querying the screen sizes, and somewhere its getting invalid coords... I think that happened to me on X more than once.

Also, if we are doing that, they should only be used if the user sets initial window coords, otherwise default to the OS's default window positioning (it generally gives the user what they expect).


al_set_window_position helped!


So I'm confused, does this happen only with multiple monitors, or even if there's only 1?

SiegeLord said:

So I'm confused, does this happen only with multiple monitors, or even if there's only 1?

It also happens on my windows pc, which only has one monitor.

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