[a5] Missing documentation for functions
Chris Katko
al_check_inverse //notice how this one shows up.

These are used in examples, but have no documentation associated with them.

Thomas Fjellstrom

Have you checked the official docs? Or just the forums? Matthew needs to regen the a.cc docs to get the forums to see the new functions.

Trent Gamblin

Allegro.cc docs are still on 5.0.


Chris Katko

Goodness! I didn't realize! Thanks!

Edgar Reynaldo
a5docs said:

void al_perspective_transform(ALLEGRO_TRANSFORM *trans,
float left, float top, float n,
float right, float bottom, float f)

But it doesn't document what n and f are. Are those near and far? What are those exactly?

Arthur Kalliokoski

The near and far clipping planes, yes, and the ratio affects the precision of the depth buffer.


n/f should be renamed to near/far in code (the documentation takes the parameter names from there).

Chris Katko

Wait. Did I accidentally post in a.CC comments or did someone move it here?

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