New (Finished) Allegro Game - Crystal Picnic
Trent Gamblin

Long time no see! :)

You may have seen posts about this game before -- it's been in the alpha stages for a while (4 years to be exact.) It's now finished and ready for your enjoyment! Only the builds from and demos on are at 1.0, the rest are currently in the process of becoming ready.



Congratulations! I like your pixel artist a lot. Now I just need to find a way to play on the train on my phone, maybe over vnc...

Long time no see!

Well, you at least have something to show which you did in that time :)


Good job Trent & co.

Edgar Reynaldo

Beautiful artwork Trent!


First of all, congratulations! I downloaded and played the demo on Linux. The game has a lot of style and the story starts out interesting. The fights remind me of Tales of Phantasia, but with more platforming.

My only serious complaint would be about the difficulty, for me the game is quite hard. Especially because for me the computer controlled character keeps on dying.
Maybe I should switch characters more often during the fights, but my reflexes aren't what they used to be.

Oh, and I was sorta expecting some rumble effects too. ;-)

But anyway, a great effort with a great result. Definitely a game that showcases what Allegro is capable of!

Max Savenkov

Not a fan of JRPGs, so I wouldn't post any opinions, just a few technical suggestions:

1) It seems like I can control movement from keyboard, but none of the obvious keys seem to work for interacting with objects/NPCs (when I banged on the whole keyboard, SOME key did work, but it I couldn't determine which one). The same goes for dialogues, but not for menus (Enter works just fine there).

2) I don't know about the others, would really like an option to turn off music. There is nothing wrong with it, but I, for one, can't listen to a tune more than a few times in row before I start to hate it.

Otherwise, great work on finishing a game! Congratulations!

Trent Gamblin

Would appreciate any upvotes on Greenlight, thanks!

Neil Roy

Looks great! Congrats!

Edit: logged on and upvoted for ya. :)

Trent Gamblin

Thanks to everyone who upvoted!

Matthew Leverton

Amazon says it doesn't work on Nexus 5 or 7.

Trent Gamblin

That's because it's not on phones yet, just Fire TV.

Paul whoknows

Nice to see this game finally released. Congratulations! :D


It certainly looks like its come a long way since the Bryron(?) days, when you gave away that sampler with the Monster 2 Cds.

Anyway I brought a copy, but a day later still no email with the serial/download(?), although I got the paypal receipt straight away. (sorted, +10 EXP customer service skill reward!)

I will give it a decent session once I get to play it, and give some feedback if you care for it.

Trent Gamblin

Don't know what happened, usually codes are mailed right away automatically. I just emailed it to you again, let me know if you didn't get it.

Matthew Leverton

I tried it on Ouya, but the lo-res is unbearable on my 55" TV and I cannot sit back far enough since the Ouya joysticks have about a 1 foot range and are too laggy. >:(

Anyway, it looks like it could be a lot of fun on a better setup, and it's obvious you've put a ton of work in to it, so good luck with sales! 8-)

Trent Gamblin

Since you and Elias mentioned it, I have an Android build ready now if you want to test it. Control is difficult (took me 10-15 battles to get the hang of it) on a touch screen though, and I don't think I can fix that.


I'm interested in testing. I tried on the website but that still had no android.

Trent Gamblin

I'm uploading it now, I just finished testing it (and uploaded to Google Play also.)

(done, it's on now)

Matthew Leverton

I got it off Google Play (had to search for nooskewl). Finished the opening sequence, but won't have a chance to play it for a while. Controls didn't seem too bad. (No worse than Ouya joysticks. >:()


Also got it on Google play (and yes, searching for crystal picnic does not find it). Didn't play past the title sequence yet either, but two things for nexus 5:

- Switching away during the title sequence crashes/restarts the sequence.
- The phone's back button doesn't seem to work.

[Edit:] I found a white speech bubble saying jump but not telling me how to do that...

Trent Gamblin

Ok cool. I've got a short list of things I need to fix in an update.


Hi Trent,

I bought the game way back during your early alpha releases so
I've been playing with the game off-and-on for a while.

I just installed 1.0 version.

1. The android port crashes if the screen lock comes on.
Tested on Galaxy S4.

2. Please add a skip button so people can skip the intro
and dialogue scenes.

Congrats on your release,

Trent Gamblin

Thanks for the support. I'll look into the screen lock bug soon.


Wooo, it's nice Trent, congrats !!

Trent Gamblin

Thanks. It's now on iOS (iPhone and iPod Touch only) also (may take a minute to update the store):

Gideon Weems

Crystal Picnic is gorgeous. I could look at it all day. You've done a great job creating a world, and the game somehow feels like Chrono Trigger to me.

The dog is a bit weird, though.

Trent Gamblin

Hey guys, got a contest running where you can win a Crystal Picnic t-shirt by telling us about your favourite RPG:

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