'uvsprintf' in Allegro5

Hello all,

In Allegro 4, there was an function named uvsprintf in order to manage variable arguments '...' on a function.
Is there any equivalent in Allegro 5?

Allegro 4 example:

void foo(float x, float y, char* szFormat, ...)
    char szBuf[512];  
    va_list ap;

    va_start(ap, szFormat);
    uvsprintf(szBuf, szFormat, ap);

The documentation "See Also:" points to 3 function from Allegro 4 ( uconvert , usprintf , uvszprintf ) but none from Allegro 5.

Thank you in advance for your help

Thomas Fjellstrom

I believe you want al_ustr_vappendf.

Or if you don't want utf8, vsnprintf.


Sorry for the late reply and thank you for your answer.

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